Middlesbrough 2-Hull city 2.

Poor conditions.

Poor performance.

Poor result.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    There is only one thing to play for now.

    We have no chance of Automatic promotion, we havent for months. We have no chance of the playoffs, we havent for weeks. We have no chance of the top half that left us last week, We are already out of the carling cup, the draw for the fa cup takes place within the hour we are out of that no matter who we get.

    We are already adrift of safety, the only thing to play for is 23rd in the league. Bookies should be paying out on us and Preston going down, the gap in talent between us and the rest of the league is HUGE. As big as the gap between QPR and Man U.

    As for yesterday, Ive saw Boro call off games for a dusting of snow, yesterday was a disgrace and shouldnt have went ahead it was unsafe.

    Boro were also idiots for using a Yellow Ball, what kind of club thinks thats acceptable it should have been Orange, Purple or even Pink. YOu know a colour that stands out, if I was Hull I would complain about that to the FA and Football League.

    Again a poor performance, McMahon and Bates were okay but Wheater and Bennett were poor again. The midfield is a joke, I cant stand Barry Tantrum Robson we are better side without him, Tavaras and Bailey arent footballers.

    As for the forward line at the start of play Lita had 1 goal, McDonald had 2, and Emnes 0 for Boro this season, Boyd sat on the bench with 5.

    Boro have scored 16 goals all season, high fliers cov and cardiff will get that many against us.

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