Middlesbrough 2, Crystal Palace 1.

It a was billed as a 6 pointer and a must win game.

Thankfully we got the required result.

By all accounts it was not pretty, but at this stage of the season, its about results rather than performance.

I said last night on  the legends that I would be horrified if Bates started at right back against Crystal Palace, in fact I went as far as to say,that he wont play there again under Mowbrays reign.

I was delighted that sanity prevailed and young Joe Bennet got a run out and did very well,as did McMahon at right back.

I am still not convinced about the overall balance of the side, with Arca and Williams on the flanks.

Despite the victory we still remain 2nd bottom of the championship.

At the end of the day we need to put things in perspective.

We were playing the worst team in the league, at home, as we were last week.

The difference was we picked up 3 points.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Joe Bennett did well?

    He was a walking disaster, his passing sideways was acceptable but going forward he kept finding white or advertisements, when he ran with the ball he ran into trouble and left huge acres of space behind for palace to exploit.

    I would be very shocked if he is in the team on Tuesday, I think Hoyte will be starting instead.

    The first half was pathetic, so bad in fact that it casts a shadow over the good second half and eventual victory. The players simply arent good enough. Palace could have scored with 30 seconds, and should have went in at half time 3 up.

    Second half we were better because we went into a diamond formation in midfield. Bailey and Arca on each side, with Man of the match Thomson sitting back, and Williams practically a third striker.

    it kind of upsets me that people will be clammering for Kink to start when he had one good touch in his time on the pitch his goal, the rest of the time were ludicrous shots, and poor balls but his goal will mean that people will want him instead of the superior Williams.

    2 points to end on

    1) We have to sell Boyd in Jan when someone might be stupid enough to buy him. McDonald and McManus we will be depressingly stuck with.

    2) We have to play with a diamond

  2. flyingferret says:

    Well its all about opinions Peter.

    I enjoyed the game for entertainment value and I think it shows the way ahead under Mowbray. I agree about McManus though. We were asleep at KO and could have been 1 down in 15 secs and two in 20 mins, Williams looks to be a prospect but he has to learn when to let go. Bennett for me did OK, particularly in view of lack of games/experience. Boyd is lazy, McDOnald worked hard but doesn’t look like he will get 10 goals a season. Palace passed the ball well and had some height – I don’t think they were the worse team we’ll see all season (we’ve already seen them – Strachan’s Boro side!!)

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