Middlesbrough 0 Millwall 1.

Well Tony Mowbray and the fans are braced for a difficult January transfer window.

Of course its not Mowbrays fault that Wheater is odds on to be flogged in the January transfer window, along with one or two others.

But like Southgate it will be his head that will roll if things don’t go according to plan, not the hierarchy who are calling the shots.

I don’t know any other club like ours that lets players contracts run down, Viduka, Swarzer and Turnbull all walked away.

You never see Wayne Rooneys contract running down.

Mogga has been quoted over the last couple of days as saying.”At this minute in time my preference would be to tie him up to a long term contract, but we will wait and see how that unwinds over the next few months. The frustrating thing is he has got so little time on his contract, otherwise he is a real rock, a foundation we can build the club on. I have spoken to Wheater about his future, what we have to understand is that these days its not just managers and players trying to sort out futures. Nowadays there is a lot of other things in the equation, that we have to try and overcome, a lot of opinions on the matter. It will come out in the wash over the next few weeks or months.”

The quotes don’t look promising.

Before todays game we were joint 3rd bottom with 17 points, to indicate we will be selling one or two of our star players in January  doesn’t exactly breed confidence to the team or the town.

For me its a statement that we have no intention of returning back to the top flight and that as a club we are skint.

I laugh when I here Boro fans saying ‘cash in on Wheater and we can buy a couple of players.’

Over the last couple of years we have sold the lot and seen very little put back into the team.

This season has got all the hallmarks of previous ones, the manager is not in control.

The last 3 years have been a disgrace,dropped out of the premier league with a whimper, last season we were shocking and so far this season we are embarrassing.


A disastrous result and by all accounts a rank poor display.

Its now 3 defeats in 5 games since Mogga took over.

The back line stayed the same, Steele in goal and a back 4 0f McMahon, Wheater, Bates and Benett.

Midfield Oneil was anchor man in a diamond formation, with Arca to the left and Robson on the right with young Williams tucked in behind the front 2.

Disappointingly it failed to function properly.

We now sit 2nd joint bottom of the championship 3 points off rock bottom Preston.

Anyone who thought we were unlucky should look at the stats, we had one shot on target in the whole game.

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  1. flyingferret says:

    Poor poor performance. We put out a lightweight, short side that got out muscled, out jumped, out headed out passed and ultimately outclassed by a struggling side. Early but disappointing subs. Lita should have gone off. Kink was always more likely to have a shot at goal than Emnes who looked exactly the same crap player we had last season (what a let down – the media made it sound like we were geting a wonder kid back!). Tavares – well what can I say except he was better when he was in a rubbish 70’s disco group.

    It’s not Tony’s fault but I don’t think he knows his players yet – there strengths and their many weaknesses. He’s inherited Strachans legacy and it will take a long time to sort it out

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie if the club keep the same team we are going down with a whimper, the teams around us are getting stronger. Palace have got Ambrose back one of the best players in the league, Bristol are due to get Maynard the leagues top scorer last season back. By Jan we could be adrift at the bottom. We need changes

    So the club have 3 options.

    1) Do nothing, and end up in League 1 with Wheater, O’Neil, Arca, Taylor etc leaving for NOTHING and the squad being even smaller than ever. Or if they do sign contracts be stuck with players on 30k a week in League 1. Either way we end up in liquidation

    2) Keep the players out of contract, and lend more money to get new players. This is only delaying the inevitable, we will likely to stay up but be in dire financial crisis, have to sell these players and be in an even worse relegation battle next season.

    3) Sell the players out of contract, and get new players in.

    “Over the last couple of years we have sold the lot and seen very little put back into the team.”

    That is complete crap

    August 07 – We spent £11.5m on players, and got £0 in from selling them
    Jan 08 – We spent £12m on players, we got £7.5m in
    Aug 08 – £10.2m spent, £4.5m from selling
    Jan 09 – £0 for both
    Aug 09 – £1m spent £28m from selling
    Jan 10 – £5.5m spent £7m sold

    And you certainly cant say we didnt spend this summer. So barring the 1 season when we went down and had a huge deficit to make up, we have spent most of what we have brought in

    As for yesterdays game, it was the worst home performance I have ever seen. Worse than getting beat off Plymouth last year at home, worse than getting embarrassed by Blackpool, than 4-0 off West Brom. Than all the hidings from various Arsenal sides, worse than Cardiff in the FA cup, worse than 17pt Sunderland beating us.

    THe players had NO heart at all, no effort. The team selection was a disgrace.

    Robson on the right, and O’Neil infront the defence. WHY. If you wanted to play those players at least swap them round, have a right footer on the right.

    Then Mowbrays subs. He took Boyd 5 goals this season off and left 1 goal Lita on. I worked it out this was the team left after Boyd went off

    Bates (1)

    That team combined had the same amount of goals for Boro this season than Boyd on his own.

    The formation that finished the game was as bewildering as the Newcastle game 2 years ago. The defence was fine, but Robson and Bailey seemed to be in midfield on their own, Williams and Lita up front doing nothing, Emnes going anywhere and everywhere but spending most of his time in midfield, and Tavaras wide right.

    Speaking of Tavaras if he had anything over a 10% pass succession rate I will be shocked, he kept giving the ball to them

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