Leading into the Millwall game.

First of all my apologies for my lack of activity this week on the site, as the majority of you know it was my  birthday and I have been celebrating over the past week, downing several crates of Irn bru.

Anyway onto this weekends game, its important to get back onto the rails against Millwall at the Riverside this Saturday after the Swansea defeat.

There is no doubt the back line of Steele, McMahon,Wheater,Bates and Bennet will continue.

The midfield continues to be a joke, especially on the flanks, Robson on the left and Hoyte on the right don’t do it for me.

If the team selection was down to me for this Saturday, I would play Kink on the left and Emnes on the right. Up front I would recall Boyd, drop McDonald and stick with Lita.

Its vitally important that we take all 3 points, we cannot afford to lose any more ground on the pace setters as we are sitting 9 points behind the play off position.

My fear going into the winter months, is injuries as we have a small squad, Bates and Thompson are the biggest concerns, in the last couple of years they have been injury prone.

Since Moggas arrival we seam to have played with a settled back five and I don’t see that changing in the near future as Mick McManus is ruled out for  4 months.

With the Scottish international sidelined, there is no doubt we will miss his experience, its down to Bates and Wheater to become more prominent and vocal, point the finger at team mates, push them up as a unit, lead by example.

It should not be a problem as they have played together since they were kids and know each others game inside out, they compliment each other.

If  I am been brutally honest McManus’s injury could be a blessing in disguise as I personally think Bates and Wheater,  will become permanent fixtures and become a greater partnership.

Providing we don’t sell Wheater in January.


Middlesbrough 2 Millwall 0

Sunderland 2 Everton 1

Bolton 2 Newcastle 2.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Boro will be lucky to be able to put out a team tomorrow, and what does play will be far from 100% after being ill. Boro 0 Millwall 4

    As for Wheater I am desperate for him to leave in Jan.

    He is a once season wonder, people come up with pathetic excuses for him but in reality he has only done it for one season, the rest of the time he has been rank bad. That puts him on a par with Ricketts.

    Wheater and McManus are on a par, they are both dreadful. The difference is Wheater is on 30k a week, McManus is will be around 15k.

    For that 30k in wages when Wheater finally leaves we could get a new CB who is just as good, plus a wide player.

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