Club in Crisis!

Since Eindhoven our club Middlesbrough, has been on a downhill spiral.

Since then we have chopped and changed practically everything at the club to try and stop the decline.

Unfortunately as it stands today without success.

The only two positions that have remained permanent and intact are those of the chairman and chief executive.

There is no doubt both have played major roles in our success over the years, promotions , cup finals, silverware, star names, European football,a fine stadium, magnificent training facilities.

In my opinion this partnership has run its course, now is the time for change at the top.

There are no signs of a recovery as a football club we are stagnating and no one seams to be addressing the major problems.

In the last few years we have sold all of our assets and replaced them with inferior players.

We have struggled as a team irrespective of divisions, crowds have fallen to an all time low, the PR is a disaster and we look to be in financial meltdown.

Yet again more players will be sold in the January transfer window, despite us having a small squad and sitting 3rd bottom of the championship.

We all know those on big wages and whose contracts are up at the end of the season will probably depart.

But whose fault is that?

Its not the fans, but we are the ones who will suffer.

The movements in January will be the biggest statement of all that we are going nowhere.

In my opinion for our club to move forward we have to split the autocratic partnership. We need an investor,someone with a different mindset and mentality, someone with fresh ideas, to drive us forward and get us out of this massive hole that we are in.

Deep down there are likely to be a great many people who agree with myself inside and outside the club, but for various reasons are reluctant to step forward and declare what they truly believe.

I have always believed, the person who courts popularity usually conveys a dishonest message, the person who conveys an honest message is seldom popular.

If we continue with no change at the top, I fear the worst.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    “But whose fault is that?

    Its not the fans, but we are the ones who will suffer.”

    The fans are as much to blame as the club. Boro have had a touch time, but has it been as hard as Norwich, Leeds and Southampton who all ended up in League 1? No, is it as hard as Derby who are the worst team in prem history and until this season have been in relegation battles? No

    But look at their attendances since they got relegated from the prem. Higher than boro’s much higher, and even if you take into consideration the size of the towns by going by percentage it still looks shocking for Boro.

    No other club has had a fall from 28,000 fans to 13,000 in 18 months.

    I am not trying to defend the club, the chairman and his CEO have made some awfully stupid decisions, but none of them can justify that fall in an attendance.

    People always compare us to newcastle last year, they kept their big names we didnt etc. They lost maybe 7,000 fans and still got 40,000. We lost 15,000, more than half our fans.

    If more fans showed faith we would have had the money to keep at least Huth or Tuncay, then crowds fell more and we had to sell Johnson. If we were getting 20,000 crowds then we might have been able to sign RObson, McDonald and co without selling AJ.

    I am not saying the fans are the main cause the club are. BUT they have to take some blame

  2. Neil Garratt says:

    I concur entirely with your sentiments Bernie. Time for hard decisions. The relationship between Keith Lamb and Steve Gibson is too cozy for either to make objective decisions, even if those decisions make business sense. As I said elsewhere, its time to sweep clean with a new broom, front of house and back of house. We shouldnt as fans, be afraid of new investors. If someone came in to save British Steel Redcar, I doubt there would be so much fuss about the nationality of the new owners.

    Middlesbrough Football club cannot survive on sentiment and blind hero worship. The harsh reallity is that relegation to the English Third Division is far more likely than a top six spot at the moment.

  3. Philip Carey says:

    Bernie, you need a proof reader. Secondly this club will bounce back and Lamb and Gibson are the men. We are at the bottom of a cycle; this happens to those outside of the top 12 big city clubs. There are many of us who remember the days of Amer, Duffield et al and whatever has happened these last few years Gibson will be always worth a million of them.
    Gibson will get us back to the premier league!!

  4. Dimotane says:

    As usual much hot air Bernie, but i struggle to find any substance in what you say. You are factually correct in where we are compared to four years ago ,but we all knew that. The remainder seems to be complete speculation unless you have information the rest of us are not privey to


  5. Chris Davey says:

    Fully agree with all Bernie has said.

    Steve Gibson has been a great servant to this club, but times change and he simply has not got the finanical ability to boost the club anymore. In this day and age, like it or hate it, you cannot achieve even the smallest success wihtout some benefactor pumping money into the club. We have tried to run this club on a budget for the last three years, and look where it has got us.

    Change at the top and the way this club is run is THE only way forward. Well said Bernie!!!

  6. Al Glasgow says:

    Well said Bernie!!!

    Lamb is the man to go. Total Prat

  7. towtow says:

    steve gibson has been fantastic for this club and will forever be loved for what he has achieved for us but we are in a money driven game of which he doesnt have enough of im not suggesting he sells up completly but should consider some outside investment like niall quinn has at sunderland were its paying off. he cant continue to support this club on his own and still expect to compete with teams who have money as the past 3 seasons prove we are only going one way the way things are.

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