Middlesbrough 2, Portsmouth 2.

Well the Tinkerman was at it again.

Another 4 changes against Portsmouth.

Bates again out of position at left back.

Another poor display and to throw a 2 goal cushion away, to a side who are as bad as us on their travels is a joke.

Strachan said after our gubbing at Derby County midweek something is fundamentally wrong, thats an understatement.

I heard an interview with Strachan on Boring Broadcasting Company radio, when he was asked the question about Barry Robsons dismissal, he said “I’m not interested.”

Well as an ex Boro player and fan I am interested.

He was also asked, Are you under pressure? To which he sarcastically replied, no I will take drugs, smoke and drink.

I thought Strachan and his team had been on them since the start of the season,by the way the team has performed.

Strachan since his arrival when interviewed is rude, arrogant and obnoxious. People on local radio and in the local press are frightened to give their honest opinions, in case the club does to them what they did to me.

I have said all along, I would rather not have a job than say what others want me to say.

As for Strachan the clock is ticking.

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  1. flyingferret says:

    I think the quotes about Drugs and Drink could be Strachan’s Glen Hoddle moment (with a bit of luck) – I iknow there were intende in jest but now is not the time for joking – I expect there will either be a front page apology from Strachan or a Strachan Sacked headline on Monday – hopefully the latter!!

    Today was a better performance ironically but you have to put sides to bed when you are 2 up at HT – how many chances does Boyd need? What was Robson playing at – haven’t seen the replay yet but if you’re going out to get a man save it till your’e out of the box and out of sight!

  2. Boro-Russ says:

    Why did we ever sign Strachan too a four year contract?It wasnt has If any other club wanted him?Why havent the board learnt from there mistakes with signing misfit players and also Managers too long term contracts.Feel the club will now go Into a downward spiral.This team lacks discipline,charcter,shape and motivation.Its the players who go over the white Line and I feel we have been recruiting the wrong kind of player too this club for quite a few seasons and letting our Academy players go for extra nothing from the club!

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    I think the manager is making a bigger fool of himself week by week how can any supporter of Middlesbrough take him seriously let alone back him after recent results and after match comments.
    The one person in all this iam mostly dissapointed with as boro supporter is Steve Gibson i have the highest respect for him but how he is allowing our club to be dragged down to new lows like this is beyond me not just on the pitch but off it aswell.Your right Bernie a few home truths never harmed anybody its healthy and its about time a few started to speak there minds.

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    1) Strachan should be sacked for his drugs, drink and smoking line. Kids listen to the commentary and are impressionable. Dissapointingly he wont be

    2) Strachans attitude to reporters is a disgrace, the journalists and this includes you and your cohorts on the Radio Bernie, should boycott him, dont interview him, dont play out what interviews he does do, and ignore what he says. His treatment of the BBC reporter was nothing short of a disgrace

    3) Barry Robson is a prat and should be fined the maximum amount. He has an anger management problem, he is always screaming at the other players and probably shattering their confidence. Players shouldnt be quiet, but theres a right way to do things. Hasselbaink constantly moaned at Downing, but it got the best out of him. Robson isnt doing it.

    Hopefully a lengthy ban will be issued, and Bailey can get a run in the centre

    4) Finally to the game.

    Strachan bewilders me, he plays a risk in thomson which is bad enough but you can get away with, what you dont do is then put an injured player on the bench. I watched Kink warm up and a half time, it was totally different to the rest of the players. He was obviously injured and they were testing him. Because of this decsion when we brought O’Neil off, we had to bring a striker on and change things because kink was unavailable, surely williams should have been on the bench.

    Steele – had nothing to do really, not his fault for either of the goals
    McMahon – did well
    McManus and Wheater – showed they cant play together, Nugents goal was diusgraceful
    Bates – coped well
    O’Neil – you are playing RW why are you everywhere but the Right wing, at fault for numerous Pompey chances due to being out of position
    Thomson – embarrassing
    Robson – Cant say what I want to about him
    Halliday – played well without creating anything, why take him off?
    McDonald – excellent
    Boyd – chance after chance squandered, he isnt clinical

  5. Al Glasgow says:

    I filled in the Gazettes questionnaire about Strachan and marked everyone poor

    I ended with he should be sacked and they should give you the job, but since you fell out with certain people that will never happen…let’s see if it makes it to print!!

  6. Al Glasgow says:

    they put it in. but cut out “since you fell out with certain people that will never happen…”

  7. bernieslaven says:

    Well everyone, still nothing out the club after Strachans outrageous comments last week.
    They will be hoping it blows over but going with the Legends show on Real Radio, feelings are stronger than ever.

    I have never heard so many callers and read so many emails and text demanding the manager to be sacked.

    I personally don’t want him sacked because of his comments as there is no doubt it was a joke as he dosen’t do any of the 3 things he mentioned, but in todays society you cant get away with it.

    Here in Middlesbrough we have a drink and drug culture and we dont want to be seen as gloryfying it.

    Its another PR disaster and blunder, we continue as a football club to shoot ourselves in the foot.

    I hear chairman Steve Gibson, who i respect greatly is going on a local radio station, what is he going to achieve, going onto the airwaves with only a few thousand people listening.

    If he really wants to get his point over he should be coming on the Legends show on Real Radio, with myself, Malcolm Mcadonald and Micky Horswill. We are the biggest show around the North East with a record number of listeners.

    The difference between us and his chosen station is we are not vetted or scripted, we are an off the cuff non propaganda show, we wouldn’t pander to the chairman. We would be upfront honest and forthright with our opinions. Maybe this is the reason he wont come on in difficult times.

    To be fair to the chairman he has been on in the past and he is more than welcome to join us at any time.

  8. Al Glasgow says:

    thats exactly why he won’t come on Bernie

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