Watford 3, Middlesbrough 1

Well the players can’t be bothered to perform, I can’t be bothered typing.

So much for turning the corner.

3 goals conceded in 21 minutes, (a joke).

No boro player has scored away in the championship since April,(embarrassing).

In a nutshell our away form is CRAP.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Well done Bernie. Like me you see the truth.

    People are jumping straight down Strachan’s throat but today wasn’t his fault. It was the players

    All but Arca in our defence played dreadful, the midfield and forwards did well. We created numerous chances and should have really scored, but their keeper played well and made 2 great saves at least.

    Bates, Wheater and McManus deserve the blame. Wheater ruined the game plan by his stupid mistake. Wheater and McManus were constantly tormented and let players just run inbetween them, Bates was slaughtered.

    As soon as Tony McMahon came on, Watfords threat stopped.

    Play McMahon at Right back, and drop one of the centre backs for Bates or Hines and we wouldnt have lost today

  2. flyingferret says:

    Where do we go from here – promotion is distant and very slim chance now. Mid table would be a good season! I’m sick and fed up – poor sods who travelled 230 miles to see such utter crap deserve better. We are a laughing stock. Strachan said our side lacked character – i thought all these players were brought in because that’s what they are supposed to have. Pull on a red shirt and all of a sudden you can’t play, lack confidence – well done Danny Graham!

  3. Nick Gray says:


    The club gave away our Academy.

    The club said, “We will hit the ground running”…..last season and this one.

    The club’s decline under Strachan is now past its sell – by – date.

    At this moment in time I would welcome either a new manager or a new chairman, because these two do not match.

    Finally, the leg-ends show on Monday will be like bonfire night.

  4. Smoggie Phil says:

    I think it is Strachan’s fault he played Bates at Right back again when McMahon was there square peg round hole we have already seen on that Bates wont work at right back that would of been aparant to any fool after the first game against Ipswich.Andy Halliday is not ready for Championship football from what ive seen of him and Tarmo Kink is the better bet on the left.

    I think that coupled with the way the team is approaching away games is the main problem and it all comes back to the managers door.The players are not blameless when you go into any away game you should look to keep the home side quiet for the first 30 minutes that goes out of the window when your 3-0 down.David Wheater set the ball rolling with his stupid mistake and i think the main problem is there approach to away games.

    We have won only three games away from home since Strachan was appointed so maybe the players have become far to use to rolling over away from home unfortunatley that wont be good enough this season so something has to change.

  5. chickenrun says:

    The rollercoaster rolls on, downhill this time. Big changes are needed now before its too late. After following Boro for over50 years I feel something is drastically wrong iinside the club.

  6. gary says:

    I like Bernie, am running out of things to say. i cant see any positives, after a cple of half decent wins I hoped things were turning round….I cant see that happening at the moment i hope Gordon and the boys prove me wrong..Come on the Boro!!!!

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