Transfer window gone.

I can’t believe, all the money spent over the last 9 years and we still haven’t signed a natural right winger.

Conway of Dundee United could have solved the problem position, but buy all accounts we failed with our last ditch attempt before the deadline.

The only movement was Taylor and Grounds.

It’s quite clear what Strachans intentions are, bring in his own players and experience, the total opposite of what Gareth Southgate was trying to achieve.Gareth wanted young vibrant local lads to build a team for the future.

Has Strachan got the players to take us back into the premier league?

The opening 5 games would suggest he hasn’t.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Conway has played left wing for the majority of his career, he might have played right wing a handful of times. Its like calling Wheater a right back ahead of a centre back.

    It isnt as important as you make out either, here are the players who played on the right in the prem this week.

    Aston Villa – Downing, left footed
    Everton – rodwell, centre midfielder
    Bolton – Petrov, right winger
    Birmingham – Gardner, centre midfielder
    Liverpool – Kuyt, striker
    West Brom – Brunt, left footed
    Sunderland – Al-Muhammadi, Right back
    Man City – Johnson, Left footed
    Blackburn – Played 433/451 with Diouf coming back on the right side, striker
    Arsenal – 433 with Arshavin on that side, striker
    Blackpool – 433 again, Varney on that side, striker
    Fulham – Davies, left footed
    Chelsea – 433 with Anelka on that side, Striker
    Stoke – Wilkenson, defender
    Man United – Giggs, left footer
    West Ham – Faubert, right winger
    Tottenham – Lennon, right winger
    Wigan – Figaroua, left back
    Wolves – Foley, defender
    Newcastle – Routledge, right winger

    4 out of 20. I would do the championship but I dont know enough about the players, and the vast amount of the championship play 433 anyway so dont have a natural right winger.

    Boros problem stem from trying to play 442 in this league when it doesnt work, and now having players who cant play it aka BOYD

    Hoyte Wheater McManus Kilgallon
    ONeil Robson Bailey
    McDonald Lita Kink

    might do something in this league

  2. BoroBhoy81 says:

    I’m giving him a month Bernie, if i don’t see any improvement or any positive movements in the loan market, then he’s lost me.

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    We need width and pace still on the right through the loan market and i would rather see McMahon at right back when fit ahead of Bates who is no right back.Matt Kilganon at left back is not going to work hes a centreback so why he has loaned two left fullbacks out i will never understand.

    Strachan is trying to fit all his players or men as he calls them into a team without thinking of the balance of the side.If hes going to stick with the squad he has now i dont think we have the players to play a balanced 4-4-2.Like ive said hes had 6million this summer and nearly 12 months which is more than enough to build a serious promotion challenge injuries or no injuries.When you consider we were one point off the top when Gareth was sacked after 12 games we will have a clear answer as to whether Strachan has taken us forwards or backwards.

  4. bernieslaven says:


    I scored a few goals over my Boro career, the majority were down to service from the flanks, Stuart Ripley, Alan Comfort and John Hendrie were my biggest providers.

    Dont forget when Peter Davenport was signed from Man United, i was moved to the left wing.

    Was i as effective out of position? No, was i happy? No.

    It is important to play with natural width in my opinion, they are your biggest providers as a centre forward.

    Look at the left wing for instance, in the last 10 years it has been the most productive, scoring and creating goals, i.e Downing and Johnson.

    There has been no product in the last 10 years from the right.

    The right flank is what i call a joke position.

  5. Nick Gray says:


    A natural right winger crosses with his right foot and vice versa. That is why Lennon of Spurs always plays on the right wing and always crosses with his right foot.

    If he was played on the left wing he would end up with a knot in his feet, because his football brain is so heavily weighted towards the right hand side.

    That Bernie is the player – quality which you are referring to and Middlesbrough Football Club have not had that player on their books since the old king died.

    Strachan is playing average players out of position and those in position are being denied the right service which is why the performances are so consistently poor.

    It’s QPR or bust for Strachan, because a heavy defeat will signal the lowest gate ever at the next home game at the Riverside.

  6. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Nick-

    Players in their rightful positions are happy players and happy players are better players.

    I wouldnt go as far to say its QPR or bust but you are right in saying if we get beat it will be an all time low at the riverside.

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