Time to stop the bullshit!

I was delighted to see the bullshit and propaganda put to one side after our match against Queens Park Rangers, finally a player Gary O’neil has come out and told the truth.

He talks about school boy errors, he talks about the team lacking a player who can beat men and create a bit of magic, he talks about the lack of pace, he finishes off by saying the simple answer is that we are not good enough.

I wouldn’t be surprised  if Gary  O’neil fails to make the starting line up tomorrow night against Burnley, after giving his forthright opinion in public.

I remember former player Xavier joining the Legends show on Real Radio, telling us what was wrong with the team and putting over his opinion, he never played again for the club. I can talk from experience it’s happened to me as a player and a pundit, it seems to be the clubs way or nothing.

What we all have to remember is this is England not Russia, everyone has an opinion.

Looking at the game tomorrow  there is no doubt it will be difficult, even if the opposition was the Dog and Gun.

I watched Burnley beat Preston 4-3, they looked a handful, the biggest threat will be hatrick hero Chris Iwelumo, he is doubtful for  the Boro game, lets hope he doesn’t make it.

5 games in, only 4 points gained, 2 goals scored, and 8 conceded, there is no surprise we are sitting 5th bottom of the championship.

Strachan and his team are under severe pressure to deliver in the next 2 home games.

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  1. BoroBhoy81 says:

    Proper Headline!

    Straight to the point Bernie, shame Gary’s comments will, as you say probably cause him to lose his place tomorrow. Which in turn again would be a nonsense, due to the fact he is probably our best midfielder who could potentially un-lock the oppositions defence.

    I’m sure that i’m not the only Boro fan saying this but….. these two home games will decide wheater i stick it out with ‘WGS’ or start the corus of booing and calling for his head…..2 GAMES!!

    Good Shout again as always Bernie.

  2. worst manager since raich carter refree is faster than the team its like watching a one armed man trying to juggle.a absulate disgrace not fit to wear the shirt

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    Yes well said Gary O’neil its about time people in the club woke up to the facts which are if we dont book our ideas up we will playing Hartlepool in league 1.If he is dropped tonight Bernie that will only get the fans backs up all the more and i dont think the manager can keep shooting himself in the foot (the two leftbacks being loaned out is a prime example of him doing that) and playing players constantly out of posistion is another.

    Anybody looking at it would think either someone else is picking the team or Strachan is trying to get sacked.Its time to stop messing around with the team play the players in there rightful posistions and give the team a fighting chance atleast.Also GON is right in saying all the players need to put it all in because they are not good enough to get results in this league giving anything else than 110% every game.

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