Queens Park Rangers 3, Boro 0

Middlesbrough’s season is going from bad to worse.

We all knew traveling to top of the table QPR would be difficult, but to have conceded 3 goals in a 13 minute spell is disgraceful.

We have to put things in perspective, this is championship football we are playing, not top flight.

Once again I found Strachans starting line up baffling.

How long are we going to continue to play with no natural full backs. ITS A JOKE!

That’s now 8 goals conceded in 5 league games.

As a defensive unit, we are a shambles.

At the other end, we continue to fire blanks.

With only 5 games gone we are now an embarrassing 9 points behind the top teams.

The noose continues to tighten around Strachans neck and rightly so.

Strachan seems baffled, along with the players and the fans.

Until Strachan finds a settled team, playing players in their rightfull positions, we will continue to struggle.

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  1. Neil Garratt says:

    Spot on bernie, but who wants to come here and handle someone elses goods?

  2. Smoggie Phil says:

    I cant beileve whats going on at this football club Bernie!We have a manager in charge who’s completely lost the plot how much longer can this be left.The decision to let the two left backs to go out on loan has allready came back to bite us with the injury to Kilganon which we all said left us very short in that area.Im sure Taylor would do a better job at left back than Kilganon anyway.

    Im also looking at Strachan’s signings and starting to question whether there value for money allready after only five games.I mean Warnock bought Tarabt who ran the midfield today and Mackie for QPR for less than we paid Bailey.Ive been one for sticking with Strachan but his decisions and team selection are one of a manger that has ran out of ideas.

  3. flyingferret says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard so many fans being negative about the likely outcome of this game before the match – no one even predicted a draw. Desperate stuff and I’m not looking forward to Tuesday and Saturday (free season ticket anyone??). The metaphorical dog has been well and truly kicked. Where can we go from here? We appear to be in a downward spiral and I just can’t see us doing anything this season. The cycle has ended and we are back where we were 20 years ago – crap team, mid table 2nd tier small town team (at least we’ve got new ground now).

    Best wishes to Parky and his family – keep battling mate!

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    Bye Bye Gary O’Neil

    In his post match interview Gary spoke the truth, that we arent good enough and had a dig at the manager saying we have no attacking players, and too many players who are similar.

    Sounds like Gordon has lost the dressing room, at the very least his captain. I wouldnt be surprised if he was “injured” on tuesday and at Portsmouth by Wednesday.

    Today was basically our strongest side, Kilgallon has gone back to Sunderland/ is out for a long time at least, so its Robson, Arca or Hoyte at Left back for the foreseeable. Thomson might come in for Tavaras but thats it, we have no other long term injuries who are certs to start or feature much. And we dont have the money to buy new players.

    Seasons over, just hope we can scrape enough points to stay up. We just might stay afloat with out promotion, relegation and its certain liquidation.

    Dont forget to say that on the legends bernie. Dissent in the Boro camp, and the fans are talking about liquidation

  5. PeterSwallow says:

    Oh and drop Boyd. He is a disgrace.

    So glad he got booed off today by the Boro fans, put Lee Miller up with Scot McDonald then at least we can play long ball

  6. Smoggie Phil says:

    This is Strachan’s Championship League games record since he took over from Southgate Bernie!

    Played 40 Won 11 Drew 12 Lost 17 Win percentage of 27.50% we have 41 games left this season so if that patern continues we will go very close to being relegated.Normally you need around 50 pts to stay up in this division so this is the main reason why it cant be left much longer.Also if you consider this is the Championship we are playing which is not a great league them stats are very worrying.

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