No light at the end of the tunnel, as yet for boro.

Well its over a month since the championship kick off and we continue to be served up average football, poor performances and poor results.

The question must be when are we going to start and produce the goods?

After the Barnsley disaster its vitally important to get something at Queens Park Rangers.

There is no doubt it will be difficult, Rangers are unbeaten in the league, in their opening 4 league games, winning 3 and drawing 1, have scored an impressive 11 goals, conceding only 2.

The town of Middlesbrough is on its knees, low in confidence and esteem and is in need of a lift. The team can give the community, the boost its in desperate need of.

There’s no doubt there is a lack of faith and trust from the fans, after our decline since Eindhoven and it doesn’t seem to be coming to an end. That’s the frustrating thing, there doesn’t seem to be light at the end of the tunnel, despite us being the biggest spenders in the division.

I certainly understand the frustration of the supporters who pay hard earned cash to watch their beloved team.

Going into the season we were made favorites by the book makers, hype and expectations were greater than ever and so far we have let ourselves down.

In the last 2 years, I have heard  more talk about the chairman, the chief executive and the commercial manager. Well I’m afraid none of them can score a goal.

I don’t know any other club in the country that focuses on the hierarchy as much as we do.

Ever since I was a kid I have supported Celtic and I can honestly say I didn’t know who the hierarchy was then and I still don’t know to this day and thats the way it should be.

I don’t want big names to be in the stand, I want them to be on the pitch on a Saturday.

Lets get back to talking about the players, the ones that matter, the ones who can win games.

Last season we travelled to QPR  and won 5-1. Can lightening strike twice, of course it can, remember those European games under McLaren.

Look out for my predictions on Thursday.

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  1. Smoggie Phil says:

    QPR is a massive game for us Bernie one big performance and result from the players could turn our season and tee up the two home games against Burnley and Reading,Football is funny game whilst i would be suprised if we won on Saturday you wouldnt right us off.

    Regarding the chairman and the cheif executive they must be feeling the pressue aswell as the manager and his coaching staff,afterall there has been alot of change at the club through summer and as yet still no solution to the problems of last season.I personally think alot of the supporters have lost faith not just in the team but in the decision making from the top.

    Im hoping for a 2-1 win on Saturday Up The Boro!

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    We are going to get absolutely hammered by QPR anyone who doesn’t think so is a fool, QPR are strongest down the wings and we will play 2 centre backs at full back who will get turned inside out, and 4 centre midfielders in the middle again. We will conceded 10 in our next two games and will be lucky to score 1.

    bernie why mention Mr Lamb and Mr Gibson again, they arent to blame its Strachan STOP DEFENDING HIM, do the Cheif Exec, Chariman and Commerical manager keep playing a negative line up with players out of position, no its strachan. 8 games my arse. he has TWO less than 6 points in the next two games(and like i said I think we will get hammered in both) then he has to walk. Boycott the reading game.

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    Peter the chairman and the cheif exec are as much to blame as Strachan because they appointed Strachan as manager when the club was one point of the top of the table.Gareth should have been sacked after the club was relegated the timing was wrong no matter what happens this season nobody can deny that after what happend last season and the start of this.Its the decision making from the top thats been wrong at the club for a while in my opinion.

  4. bernieslaven says:


    You are either very stupid or naive anything that has happened at our football club is sanctioned by two people, wether they get it right or wrong they are not held accountable, both are bullet proof.

    Every other job at the club is under scrutiny.

    Over the last few years, loads of people have lost their jobs, people in the restaurant, ticket office, kit men, stewards, cleaners, tea ladies and commercial.

    Why should these people carry the can when it all goes wrong, when they have played no part in our failure.

    Irrespective of your position or how much money you have got, your job should be on the line, like every other employee

  5. PeterSwallow says:

    I am not saying they havent done anything wrong, but the complete disaster of this season is ALL on strachans shoulders, the higher ups are to blame for the southgate years, but I cant see a single mistake since the turn of this calendar year.

    As for Bullet proof, what do you expect them to do? Gibson and Lamb cant sack themselves, the only way for them to leave the company is to shut it down, or to sell. And considering much bigger clubs like Newcastle, Portsmouth and until recently West Ham struggled to find a buyer why would Boro get one.

    £90m debts, 2nd division team, no TV revenue, sub 15,000 crowds. A investor would buy into all of the prem, and most of the championship before Boro. Scunthorpe and Doncaster are the only less appealing clubs in the league. So there is nothing these people can do, but carry on.

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