Middlesbrough 3,Reading 1.

Strachan was a brave man to make 3 changes after the Blackpool victory.

But well done the manager, he got it spot on.

Back to back wins, 6 points in the bag, 5 goals scored, 4 different goalscorers.

Crisis, what crisis?

It’s now important to keep the momentum going.

The manager and the players in the last 2 games have proved they have got the gumption and the balls to cope with the pressure.

Have we turned a corner?

Of course not, if we can go on a run of 7 or 8 games, without defeat, that would be genuine promotion form.

At the minute it’s still hit and miss.

But hey a great result.

Bernie v Boyd  –  Who’s the best?

I will tell you tomorrow via podcast.

2 Responses to “Middlesbrough 3,Reading 1.”

  1. Smoggie Phil says:

    A much better all round team performance the players look alot sharper and have more confidence and are showing for the ball instead of hiding.I have to say Tavares in the middle of the park looks impressive and the two upfront are linking up with the midfield better than the first few games.Arca at left back looks solid and the sooner McMahon is back fit and back at rightback we will be better again.We have two away games coming up against Watford and Derby and its important we try to get an unbeaten run going while confidence is high.

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    I despair with Boro, yesterday was a good performance and I cant really give the players any stick, but it was a blip.

    The midfield played well but again it was players of of position, CM Bailey playing LM, LM Kink playing RM then LM Halliday playing RM, and what a suprise it was to see Robson in his rightful position score and get 2 assists, I wonder where he will play next week when O’Neil is back? Right midfield no doubt. I really question Strachans judgement

    Another big question mark on strachan is his view of the games. We were crying on for a right winger, some creativity and pace and he signs the slow defensive midfielder Tavaras(who admittedly is playing well) we still need a rw, some creativity and pace, so who does he chase? newcastle flop Leon best.

    What does that mean for Kris Boyd and Leroy Lita? Surely a loan player must come in and start and Scott McDonald cant be dropped as he is our best player by far. Strachan gets it wrong again.

    The worst thing about yesterday was the crowd for me, I fully agree with McClarens comment that the crowd need educating.

    In about the 7th minute Tavaras played a shocking ball to Hoyte, the crowd give Hoyte stick for it and continue giving him stick all game, despite him linking well down the right, and Reading never making a chance down our right side.(Kebes goal was right down the middle) Someone even came on BBC Tees and said Reading looked like scoring everytime they went down their left. Hoytes last contribution to the game was breaking down the right and putting in a half decent cross, when crowd favourite and 1 good game ins his career McMahon came on he didnt touch the ball.

    My second complaint about the crowd was the constant “get into them chants” Reading were going no where with the ball, passing it sideway and backwards and the only chance they had of breaking Boro down was something special(Kebes goal) Boro were very comfortable with letting them work the ball infront of them, which is fine when you are infront. But the Boro Morons werent happy and berated the team for not working hard enough, when closing down would have opened up space and gave Reading the opportunity to attack.

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