Is the Riverside becoming a concentration camp?

So banners are now banned from the Riverside! (So called fire hazards.)

If banners are banned they all should be banned, including chairman Steve Gibsons, fire proof or not.

To employ a ban and allow the chosen few too parade their flags, is rubbing the fans noses in it.

Haven’t the paying public suffered and been embarrassed enough over the recent years.

Remember the guy who was arrested and banned after falling asleep.

Remember a section of the supporters were handed letters,by the club complaining about standing, making a noise and banging, in other words creating an atmosphere.

Now fans can’t display banners due to health and safety.

So if banners are fire hazards, scarfs, football shirts, trousers, shoes, etc. Must also be branded hazardous.

The plastic seating 35,000 of them, must be the biggest hazard of all, if they caught fire the fumes alone would kill you.

We might not be top of the league in the championship, but we are certainly top when it comes to PR disasters.

I notice the club shop is selling flags, I hope they inform the fans they are not fireproof.

The thing I can’t get my head round, how can a packed Anfield, on a European night display thousands of banners, your not telling me they are all fireproofed.

Celtic park, packed house, thousands of banners, how do they get away with it?

At the minute the Riverside is a no smoking zone and half empty. Why are we a bigger fire risk than any other club in the country?

Going to a football match is supposed to be pleasure and enjoyment.

In the last few years the Riverside has turned into Colditz,( a concentration camp).

Don’t shout, don’t stand, don’t sing, don’t sleep, don’t wave a flag, don’t swear, don’t smoke and don’t create an atmosphere.

The way its going in years to come the fans will be strapped to their seats, gagged and not be allowed to go to the toilet unless they put their hands up.

The Riverside experience?     I would rather take a trip to the dentist!

3 Responses to “Is the Riverside becoming a concentration camp?”

  1. Mark Fenwick says:

    Bernie i live in gateshead and have followed the boro for years.My grandad was a scout there in the seventies and eighties so have followed since.trying to find out any info on tickets,kit release dates etc is an absolute nightmare,the relationship with the club and supported is a disgrace they never reply to emails or any concerns you have.when your in the ground its like being at school you cant breathe without a stewart staring at you.iam not willing to do a 80 round trip these days ive done it for 18 years.Its better organised at gateshead fc on a weekend i would rather give them my money..

  2. Al Glasgow says:

    it’s reasons like this why I have been to 2 home games in 2 years

  3. Joel Eccles says:

    Shambles absolute shambles. it just sums what the cubs been in the last 3-4 years. something needs doing quickly VERY Quickly

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