Derby County 3, Middlesbrough 1.

Gordon Strachan is the new Claudio Ranieri!

All the same trade marks.

He has rebuilt the team, he continues to over rotate his squad and plays players out of position.

Strachan is officially the new “Tinkerman.” And we all know what he achieved at Chelsea.  F*** all!

The Derby game and result is not worth discussing, same problems, same outcome.

The only bright spot in a dismal night, Kris Boyd grabbed a goal.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    McMahon for Bates – you were saying this only tonight that it needed to be done
    Boyd for McDonald – McDonald is ill, forced change
    Bailey for Halliday – the only option.

    Hardly tinkering.

    7 games 7 goals conceded from Corners!!!!

    Last season:Newcastle played 45 lost FOUR
    This season: Middlesbrough played 9 lost FIVE

    As for you bright spot, Boyd scored but he missed 3 sitters. He doesnt have pace, aerial presence, strength, wont make his own goals let alone any for anyone else etc. But he will score when given the chance. Obviously not. makes mido look like a worthwhile buy

  2. Smoggie Phil says:

    The club is a joke from top to bottom another season of empty promises and bull by the looks of it.Has nobody at the club realised yet we are in a relegation battle -7 goal difference and two points of the bottom three.I keep hearing when we put a run of four to five games together how you going to do that when you cant win away?

    Do we realise yet we are the laughing stock of the division at the minute even a few Swansea fans i know are laughing at us!

  3. bernieslaven says:


    the clubs statistics since Stracahas arrival are shocking.

    Regarding the Tinkerman, i am talking since he arrived for instance 3 keepers, 8 left backs, 7 outside lefts,
    i dont have enough time to list the rest.

    When i played under Rioch, the first 4 seasons i think there was 4 or 5 of us played every game.

    If Strachan does not find a settled team we will continue to be hit and miss.

  4. Liam2k10 says:

    Strachan has had long enough to impose some sort of style of play and should really know his best side by now. He allows Grounds and Taylor to leave on loan and leaves the Boro with no recognized left back. He has put so much faith in the Scottish league and it’s players and i think it’s this that will cost him dearly. The Championship is such an unforgiving league and the players he has signed aren’t up to scratch judging by what we have seen so far. I think playing the same settled side as you said would help things greatly but he just won’t do this, he changes the side every game and it’s costing the Boro.

  5. PeterSwallow says:

    Boro have used 30 players so far this season, and all I am doing is looking for 2 of those to return and 3 more who havent featured to come back.

    Thomson might back on sat, more likely Leeds – means we can get Tavaras who was destoryed by Savage out of the team and off the wage bill

    Flood when is he back – not the fastest but faster than the others and works really hard

    Franks when is he back – played reasonable on the left at the end of last season

    Williams our player of last season destoryed by Strachan forcing him to play injured.

    And Finally something I thought I would never say

    Jeremie Aliadiere he isnt the best, but he offers something completely different to the players we already have, would be an improvement on either wing and at this rate would score as many as our current strikers.

  6. Al Glasgow says:

    I too would have Aliadiere back…

    What is a joke other than our club is the fact that we are in such a poor position, yet are still only 5 points off the play offs and 7 off 2nd….shows how bad this league is!!

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