Boro 2, Burnley 1.

It was billed as a must win game and we achieved it, thanks to 2 smashing goals from substitute Tarmo Kink.

The performance wasn’t important, it was about the result.

Strachan and his side had to relieve the mounting pressure and after going 1 goal down, Boro had to dig deep to grind out a welcome 3 points.

The team has been heavily criticised, along with the manager and rightly so.

Tonight they showed grit, character and determination, vital ingredients that have been lacking in the opening 5 games.

If my memory serves me right, the last time we came back from a goal down at the Riverside, to go on and win, was way back in 2006 against Chelsea.

It is important not to get carried away, we have only moved up 3 places in the table, but a win against Reading could boost our position.

Just a word on Strachan, he didn’t hesitate after Saturdays gubbing at QPR he axed Bailey, Boyd and Kink.

I laughed at his quote after the game, when he was asked, ” How will you be celebrating tonight Gordon,” he replied ” With a cup of tea and a packet of crisps.”

I’m sure he would have been drinking something stronger if we had been beaten.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    “Tonight they showed grit, character and determination, vital ingredients that have been lacking in the opening 5 games.”

    Really, I saw a shocking performance saved by two wonder/fluke goals. We wont get that against Reading.

    To be fair, the defence was fine at defending. Arca and Hoyte should keep there places as fullbacks, and I would consider keeping Bates in ahead of Wheater. Even though Boro conceded their 6th goal from a corner this season already.

    The rest of the team diabloical, Halliday is not good enough, he is slow, not very skillful and poor at passing. Robson has been dreadful this season I cant think of one positive about him, Gary O’Neil was back to his best, working hard to do nothing, and Tavaras is a huge bloke about as frail as a flower and scared of the ball in the air.

    Player of the season so far McDonald was poor, and Lita was pathetic, that said I feel for him the defence were lumping it forward and he was never going to win the ball if we are going to play like that play Miller, not Lita.

    Players were scared to get forward, pass forward and shoot. Hoyte went on a great run got into the box and bottled it.

    As for the crowd Boro claim it was 15,000 I say 8,000 maximum espeically bad when you consider there were 3,000 Burley fans outsinging Boro all game.

    Dark days for Boro with crowds like that we will have to sell all assests come Jan to stay afloat

  2. It’s good to see a bit of fight back in the team. I only hope we can build on it. Small steps to big ambitions. We can still climb high this year. COME ON BORO… x

  3. dacanesta says:

    I’m tired coz its late but the above post is an absolute travesty so if you didnt go to the game and feel that a fans point of view is the best way to get the real vibe of what happened DO NOT listen to it. A couple of fair points from an abundance of ridiculous ones…..the sort of person who doesnt understand the ‘quiet’ role an anchorman plays.
    I wish I had the energy to write now but one point that needs addressing immediately is: the Burnley fans outsang the Boro fans?!??!!? Really? They sold their allocation it seems as it was packed, but they never uttered a peep the whole game, whilst the tiny contingent in the South East corner never shut up ONCE throughout, most notable when Burnley scored and they STILL outsang the Burnley fans!!! You wanna switch seats, mate. Were you adding to this silent Boro crowd?

  4. Smoggie Phil says:

    I think given the recent run of results we did show character and determination to come from behind to win which was encouraging.I think on the balance of play a draw would have been the right result but credit to Tarmo for his goals.I dont think we should be getting to carried away though with one result because Reading at home on Saturday is another must win to get the season back on track.Defeat on Saturday will undo the work of last night hopefully this result can kickstart our season time will tell.

  5. Well i hope they were kp crisps he was celebrating with and not walkers haha. Has anyone got a parno for tarmo!!!….. COME ON BORO keep up the good work!!

  6. PeterSwallow says:

    I was sat in the middle of the west stand, maybe you could hear the Boro outsinging Burnley when you were sat next to one of the 3 blokes singing in the north stand, or 10 in the SW corner, but from where I was sat I heard nothing but Burnley.

    Thats a lie, at one point I heard the fans singing their favourite song, not one about Boro a song about Newcastle. The crowd was that bad they didnt even sing after the goals, the music came on they clapped like seals and sat down silently.


  7. flyingferret says:

    Papering over the cracks!!!!- we never looked like scoring till we did(if that makes sense!). Robson is not a right sided midfielder, Lita was woeful, first touch is appalling (come to think of it so was his second and third!). Arca was again one of our best players (says a lot). Easy to say with hindsight but Kink should have started -he is the only attacking midfielder with any flair and not afraid to have a go. I’ll take it all back if we win on Saturday but I expect more of the same.

    From where I was in the north stand I thought it was the best atmosphere for awhile and the fans tried to keep the team going throughout

  8. dacanesta says:

    The ‘worst fans in England’ have had it pretty rough over the past few years though. We’re like Pip in Great Expectations…..rags to riches to rags again. That high point in the middle was very high…..and right now its about as low as it can get. The best fans in the world would find it hard to drum up enthusiasm given the circumstances. Also, although admittedly it doesnt seem to be a problem for a few other teams, theres a problem with the fans placements in the stadium. I have sat in the North Stand mainly and been quiet even though i want to sing because nobody else around me is singing. You come across as manic, unfortunately. Singing is about being part of a group, and knowing that isnt going to happen quells your desire to do so. That last match the reason I heard that singing is coz i was part of it, in the south east corner, and we never stopped…..sorry if we werent loud enough, but i tell you we were trying. Its the numbers….come join us if you fancy it. It gets the stupidest bad press that corner….’theyre a bunch of kids’…..well, the same people saying that were once part of ‘a bunch of kids’ singing at Ayresome Park. Unbelievable.
    Now, times are hard. We will NOT go up. So my advice is enjoy games like that. I am flabbergasted that there is moaning after that. Well, it wont get any better so you might as well not bother. A win, and one that came so late, should be celebrated just as much as a 4-0er. In fact as I said to my brother after the game, even more so. Not for the long run of the team, of course the latter is better, but for instant gratification……ill take a 94th minute win please. Maybe this is all because i have completely conceded to the fact that we wont go up so im trying to enjoy each bit as it comes, like i was happy to do back in the early 90s.
    Of the team, there are some strange comments. We were not great by any means, and ive said twice already that its not good enough to go up which of course is a tragedy, but that performance had some big plus points and if i was a player and read some of these comments after, id give up.
    Steele sound. ENTIRE back 4 good, even Hoyte, though his lack of confidence meant some poor crosses and why he didnt shoot that time in the first half i do not know. Bates had excellent distribution, as did McManus which surprised me, especially as both didnt have many options. They still more often than not found Boro feet.
    Dont even dare have a go at Halliday. Hes 18. EIGHTEEN. Get a grip man. He looks to me like he is quite skillful actually, but has the same problem as most 18 year olds, hes not got the right mentality yet and is physically weak. If i hear anyone moan at the lad at the game im gonna lob my bovril at them. Shocking. Adam Johnson was hardly setting the league alight at 18. EIGHTEEN!!!!
    (If you say ‘he shouldnt be playing then’ then i might agree……for now).
    Tavares was the most composed player on the pitch. This might give him an air of casualness or timidness, but not at all…..he just didnt have to run around like Gary O Headless Chicken to be useful. Watch him again next time. Positionally great, always available for a pass, and used the ball wisely. No huge Gerrard style passes, but no hospital balls and tried to spread it well. Trust me, you need to keep your eye on him or else he seems like a passenger. Hes not.
    McDonald was great and i cant believe anyone would think otherwise. He missed chances, a big thing to do as a striker i know, but check out his lay off to Kink. Also, when they went 3 up front, the long ball game suddenly worked because they were then heading into the ‘hole’….and where was McDonald? In the hole, starting to dictate. Every time, i tell you. And the first goal came from it. He was busy and did his best with what he had, bar that bad miss in the first half.
    Lita linked with him well on occasions, though did lose it a lot, but i still think warranted his place through work, attitude, and the fact that he got them thinking a few times. Its his first start of the season too. You try playing after not for a while, its hard i tell you.
    But yes, Barry Robson is not a right midfielder. Swap him with Gary O Neil, or just drop O Neil and bring in Boyd and Kink and go 4-3-3. STick to a winning team. The winning team was the one from the last 20 minutes. Bye!

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