Bernies big 3 Predictions 30th sep

Bernies big 3 predictions 30th sep

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  1. Dan says:

    Middlesbrough 1 Portsmouth 0

    Sunderland 0 Man U 3

    Man City 2 Newcastle 1

  2. Smoggie Phil says:

    Middlesbrough 2-1 Portsmouth

    Interesting to see Sousa has been sacked after only 9 games in charge of Leicester it just proves how patient our chairman is with his managers.If we fail to win tommorow our manager has to go hes had nearly a year which is long enough in my opinion.I think we might just edge it tommorow i hope im right!

  3. PeterSwallow says:

    1-0 Boro

    This is the team I’d play

    McMahon Wheater Bates Bennett
    O’Neil Tavaras Bailey Kink
    Boyd Lita

    I would ideally drop Robson AND O’Neil but we cant get away with it this week, Coyne is harsh but we need some to marshall the defence.

  4. Hi Bernie, I couldn’t agree more with your comments. Strachans post match interview on local eadio was appalling. The man doesn’t inspire me with any confidence.

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