A month of misery at Boro.

A month of misery at Boro.

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  1. BoroBhoy81 says:

    Do you think the extended training in pre-season has added to that heavy legged appearance during the games? Wise choice?

    Bailey needs to start showing the confidence that he surely had at Charlton, before he’s labelled a Laegue 1 player. I think he can produce at this level, the signs are there.

    Good blog Bernie, Up the Boro

  2. bernieslaven says:

    Boro Bhoy-

    The extended training in spain to improve fitness levels would have been beneficial to certain individuals, but not all of them, some would have look at it as a form of punishment.

    I wouldn’t have enjoyed going away not long after the season had finished.

    So far as a team we have seen no benefits what so ever.

  3. PeterSwallow says:

    The next month is only going to be worse, At quote Strachan said after Barnsley has terrified me and left me clueless at his decision making.

    To everyone the problem at Boro is pace, width and creativity.

    They might be young but Halliday and Williams are 2 of only 3 players at the club that provide that. Strachan after Barnsley said he blames himself for the performance for relying on a 17 year old in Williams, and 18 year old in Halliday. Saying its too soon for them.

    No Gordon No, they werent the problem Boyd, Robson and Bailey were the problems. As a person at the game I wasnt bemoaning the two youngsters entrances, I was bemoaning the lack of Lita. Why not try him?

    With Taveras getting international clearance, and O’Neil returning for the QPR game I fear we have saw the last of these 2 youngsters until the FA cup in January, and Knink reduced to 10 min cameos from the bench as we start to play the following midfield.

    RM: Robson
    CM: O’Neil
    CM: Taveras
    LM: Bailey

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