Thoughts on Middlesbroughs Championship campaign 5/8/10

My videoed thoughts on Middlesborough’s Championship campaign 2010.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie you keep saying that you expect the midfield to line up as such

    Flood/Robson, Thomson, Bailey, Halliday/Kink

    I think you are wrong, through out pre season Bailey has played 45 minutes in central midfield, the rest of the time he has played Left wing, Kink has admitted himself to expecting to be a sub, and Halliday hasnt featured at all in pre season. Plus Bailey is a doubt for this saturdays game.

    I expect the line up for the weekends game to be as such;

    Flood Thomson Robson Bailey

    and Flood to be dropped once O’Neil is fit again, the first choice midfield to be;

    Robson Thomson O’Neil Bailey

    Obviously this will change if someone is out of form, or someone else plays well but pre season suggests this is Strachan’s preferred line up at the moment.

    You have also said you dont expect O’Neil and Arca to feature much, Ive stated above that i think O’Neil is in Gordons plans, but I think Arca will be a surprise player this season, we will be playing very narrow and in a congested midfield this is what suits Arca best where he can do quick short passes.

  2. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Peter-

    I probably am wrong , but thats who i would play.

    Bailey is a central Midfielder, to put him out wide left when you have got 2 natural wingers in Kink and Halliday in the squad is another case of square pegs in round holes.

    You say when everyone is fit you can put Oneil in the middle alongside Thompson, so your putting your 2 non scoring midfielders alongside each other. It wont work.

    The right flank is still a concern for me, it has been for ten years

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    O’neil wouldn’t make me squad let alone my first 11

    when everyone is fit I think the midfield will consist of Strachan purchases

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    Im not saying who I would play, just what Strachan seems to be planning given what happened in the friendlies.

    Halliday will barely feature this season, another project like Emnes

  5. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Peter

    Well we both guessed what Strachan would do regarding picking his team on the opening day of the season.

    Niether of us got it right, who would have guessed in 90 mins of football, four players would play at outside left.

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