Middlesbrough 1, Sheffield United 0.

As a spectacle it was a poor advert for championship football, goodness knows what the sky viewers thought.

Once again we looked slow and deliberate in our passing and there was a distinct lack of confidence and urgency throughout the side.

Kink and Halliday, who played on the flanks, failed to deliver any quality balls and the majority of the balls played through the middle towards Kris Boyd and McDonald were too high.

I studied Boyd more than anyone during the game and I have to say, he lacked in every department.

He never won a ball in the air, his touch was heavy, his passing was sloppy and his work rate was non existent .

Despite his frailties, he scored the only goal of the game in the 52 min, with a tremendous finish blasting the ball into the bottom left hand corner with pace and accuracy.

People have said that there are similarities between myself and Boyd, the only similarities I can see is that we both score goals.

Boyd will have to score regularly to keep the boo boys off his back, as I don’t see him contributing any other way.

One thing Boro fans don’t tolerate or accept is a lack of effort. They can accept a poor performance individually or collectively as long as he or they give their all.

I had to laugh at Strachan, when he gave substitute Lita a ear bashing for not closing down and working hard enough on a couple of occasions.

Lita worked harder in 21 mins than Boyd did in 69 mins.

If we are to start winning games comfortably we have to create more chances and the front 2 have to hold it up better to give the midfield a chance to go and link up.

I said after the opening game against Ipswich Town, that there was a distinct lack of pace in the side, that was evident again.

You can polish up on your fitness, passing, skills and goalscoring. Unfortunately you have either got pace or you haven’t.

The bookies made us favorite to win the championship, on the last 2 home performances, I wouldn’t put a penny on us.

But its not all doom and gloom, 3 welcome points, a clean sheet and Kris Boyd off the mark.

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  1. BoroBhoy81 says:

    Hi Bernie,

    Great shout again.

    Well Well Well…. The geordies ‘thump’ Villa in the Premiership and we struggle to over come a poor Sheff United team, the only bonus from the game?…. 3points.

    I’m afraid the football and relationship between the players better sharpen up quickly, cause i’m afraid teams such as QPR & Burnely wont allow us be so sloppy without punishing us!.

    Young Steele looks a good prospect but i still feel we need some experience between the sticks as the season progresses, some one to shout and demand the centre backs to be ‘here & there’ when required.

    Full backs! again today we played with 4, yes 4 centre backs, that’s not ideal in any situation.

    Arca receiving man of match speaks volumes….. I hope the pursuit of Conway pays off, and excuse me Bernie but i hope the pursuit and hope that players from the SPL will deliver quality, good enough to win the league pays off!

    The seasons very much only early doors, 3 much needed points and the main striker breaking his duck in only the 3 league game of the season are reasons to be cheerful, Come on Boro.

  2. Smoggie Phil says:

    It was another showing up on television again yesterday Bernie and a drop of 7,000+ fans from the first home game against Ipswich.The only positive was the three points that we managed to dig out.But that level of performance is unacceptable and we have to get real if we are serious about promotion.

    The main worry i have after the first three games is with the two front men lacking any real pace or movement and the midfield lacking any pace theres a huge gulf between midfield and attack when the midfield gets the ball and nobody shows for the ball its given away cheaply.

    I think we have to wait and see what the transfer window brings and after that closes hopefully things will settle down.I think though the next ten or twelve games are massive for the club and Strachan because its his squad now and hes been well backed in the summer and its time to deliver. Up The Boro!!

  3. gary says:

    it wasnt a great game, but there was some positives.ive been critical of david wheater but he is looking the player he was a few seasons ago.the back 4 looked solid,and we didnt look like conceding.
    up front i thought macdonald made loads of movement and had a reasonable game pushing for man of the match..
    ive not been a great fan of Arca , but he played really well, he must have something as he still gets picked,managers must see something in him in training or whatever …
    the young keeper looked solid again,and the new kid halliday looks a decent enough player..over all a scrappy game but 3 points is 3 points..I think Gordon summed it up in his after match interview.he admitted it was ugly and a nervous display by both teams..maybe when confidence grows we will show the quality ,that we have shown in odd glimpses

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    bernie its a bit disrespectful to the rest of the championship to judge the whole league by Strachans shocking side.

    I hope you arent going to still say we are going up. We have played 3 teams this season, 1 are actually a decent side and are very high up, then we barely beat the team bottom of the league and who have sacked there manager. Leicester is the worst though, they are shocking and have been battered in all there games, and conceded 3 in each of them, barring one where we didnt even have 3 shots. We will struggle to finish top half.

    Regarding the match, BBC Tees gave Halliday MOTM I dont know why. A Key attribute of a winger should be to be fearless, attack the full back at every chance. Johnson did it and its why he gets plaudits at Man City and is now playing for England. He isnt scared of any player or any situation.

    Halliday and Kink are cowards and are too scared to attack the fullbacks, and neither will make it. Get Williams on, he is still raw but is fearless and will run and make things.

    The Less said about bailey the better, the sooner Gary O is fit the better. No positive attributes at all.

  5. flyingferret says:

    Very very disappointing. Took my 7 year son for the second time. He thinks this is what supporting Boro is all about now, boring, frustrating, empty crowds (he’s a quick learnewr my lad). A complete lack of entertainment, I reckon perhaps 5 or 6 times in last 4 years have I come away feeling I have had value for money. If this was the theatre or a concert you would soon stop going as did the thousands who voted with their feet. Scott Macdonald ran round very hard but was a headless chicken (probably my MOTM), Boyd was lazy and had a terrible first touch – the boo boys won’t stand for it and will be on his back soon. Wheater had a solid game – there should be plenty of interested parties – no doubt he will be away at the end of the season. They say the bookies don’t normally get it wrong but we were a million miles away from a promotion side on the basis of the 3 league and 1 cup game so far. I could not tell the diference from the team that ended last season so badly despite so many changes in faces. I feel sorry for you Bernie having to share that studio with McDonald and the crowing geordies!!

  6. Smoggie Phil says:

    On a more positive note though Mido has now left!

  7. BOROBOYCAL1 says:

    boring game needs sorting out fast i hate bailey he is the most pants player ever he cant even put a pass together drop him play arca for me. we had another bid turned down for conway why not just put an acceptable bid in.

  8. BOROBOYCAL1 says:

    boring game needs sorting out fast nice to see we got the win tho, i hate bailey he is the most pants player ever he cant even put a pass together drop him play arca for me. we had another bid turned down for conway why not just put an acceptable bid in.

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