Leicester City 0 – Middlesbrough 0

Gordon Strachan made 2 changes from the team, that Failed to beat Ipswich Town last Saturday.

Steele and Williams came in for Coyne and injured Willo Flood.

Strachan reshaped the back-line and the midfield from the Ipswich game. He moved Bates from left back to right back and Hoyte from right back to left. Barry Robson moved from right wing to central midfield to partner Thomson, Bailey moved from central midfield to left wing and Williams came in on the right.

In the first half Leicester were the better side,created several good chances and hit the bar.

In the second half Boro started off brighter, substitute O’neil came on for Williams and could have scored with his first touch, but for a fine save from the goalkeeper and inform Scott McDonald should have scored from a free header.

Leicester’s DJ Cambell thankfully missed 3 glorious chances.

All in all it was a decent game, a point away from home is always classed as a good one.

Thomson was stretchered off, lets hope its not as bad as anticipated.

Before the season started the Boro faithful including myself said we had to hit the ground running, its been more of a slow motion start, we haven’t exactly set the heather alight with one point out of six.

For Boro to start winning games, Strachan has to find a winning formula and in my opinion the only way he can achieve it, is to have a settled team and play players in their rightful positions. The positional changes so far in the opening two league games, tells me Strachan is still trying to find it.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    What game did you watch, it was dreadful.

    We got done by pace again, the opposition had shots on targets in double figures again, and we didnt have ONE shot from open play, not on target, all together.

    Steele was man of the match, Boyd was none existent and should have been off at half time, Bailey is shocking and should be dropped.

    We need new players desperatly but we only have room for one more in accordance with championship rules. get a proper championship player, not another no hoper from Scotland like the dreadful Boyd and Thomson.

    Strachan has to go if we dont WIN next week.

  2. gary says:

    I watched the match yesterday,and i agree with you peter we didnt have any shots on target.and the play was poor.however i picked out a few positives..the deffence looked pretty solid..and the start of the second half there was glimpses of some quality.
    i know we wanted to get the season off to a flier, but the players have been coming and going ,and i think they need to gel a bit..
    after yesterday when leicester had mostr of the play i thought another defeat was on the cards, so to hang on was a bonus..i think im going to leave judgement on them till a few more games

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    I thought yesterday was abit better to be honest we kept them out and concentrated for 95minutes which we didnt do last season and it is something to build off.Steele,Wheater and McManus had good games and i think all in all it was a good point.

    Its obvious to see now after only two games the midfield is the biggest problem area all strikers thrive off service and once again there was no creativity at all from the midfield.The passing also needs to improve and quickly Bailey in particular gives the ball away far to easily.

    If we can get the midfield to click and create chances for the strikers we should start winning matches very soon.I still think we need another creative right sided midfielder and i have said Chris Burke at Cardiff is the man we want he scored again yesterday.If he cost the money we get for Brad Jones he would be bring more balance to the midfield.

  4. gary says:

    Yer Phil but can he play on the left as you know thats where hed end up playing lol

  5. Smoggie Phil says:

    lol your right there!Its gone past a joke this chopping and changing the midfield around and they still havent bought a proper wide Right man yet.We have only needed one for five years aswell!All we need to do is sell Jones to Liverpool then buy Burke play him on the right wing move O’Niel in the Centre with Robson and then sort the left side out.

  6. Kev B says:

    We need to use the remaining transfer window wisely, but I was happy with what I saw at yesterday’s battling display. It’s a minor step forward but a point at Leicester is a good point in my book. I agree that Strachan needs to play players in their natural position. I also urged caution before the season in that the favourites for promotion tag was a burden. With so many new faces around, fans need to be patient. As it is, we would probably have lost this type of game last season, so stick with it guys. Good backing from Boro’s travelling army yesterday once again.

  7. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Peter-

    You asked what game i watched, i am asking you who’s post did you read?

    The only thing i said about Saturdays game was it was decent.

    You have to remember last years championship was dreadful and this season it will be no different the lack of pace was evident again and this is unfortunately something we can’t change. You can work on your fitness your touch and your technical ability, you either have got pace or you haven’t .

    You talk about no hopers from Scotland are you writing them off after two league games?

    Regarding Strachans position you can’t be serious about giving him the chop if we fail to beat Sheffield United this weekend.

  8. gary says:

    If jones does go..surely we need another keeper..even though the kid steele has done great, 2 keepers for a season is a bit short i feel

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