Carling Cup Millwall 2, Middlesbrough 1.

Our slow start to the season continues as we bowed out of the Carling Cup tonight, after only 2 rounds.

Strachan cannot be accused of neglecting the competition as every player had first team experience.

We had alot of possesion, but failed to turn it into goals.

We grabbed a consilation goal when McDonald grabbed his 3rd goal of the season in the dying minutes, but it was much too late.

The question I would ask the manager would be. Why was Kris Boyd on the bench?

He grabbed his 1st goal for the club on Sunday against Sheffield United. He would have been looking to add to his tally and continue to form a partnership with McDonald.

There is no doubt promotion is more important than cup competitions, but winning breeds confidence and goals breed confidence for the strikers and team in general.

If Strachan had left me out of tonight’s game, I would have been knocking on his door in the morning.

Managers live and die by their decisions, tonight Strachan has got it wrong, we are now on the cup scrap heap.

As we are knocked out, people will now switch their mindsets to “Lets concentrate on the league.”

If we don’t start to get our act together, our season could be over by Christmas.

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  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I was surprised he had him on the bench after he scored at the weekend…I didn’t fancy us before the game and the teams election did nothing to change my mind

    must do better next time we go there

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    Boyd wouldnt have made a difference in that game, and focusing on him not appearing is avoiding the problems.

    We were well beaten by a newly promoted side, who really should have had 5 or 6 and who never got out of first gear. If Boro had scored 20 mins earlier then Millwall would have turned it up a notch and then we would have been battered. The worst thing about it is Strachan said he was pleased.

    Hoyte was dreadful, he should be in the team as he is more attacking than Bates and thats what we need, but Hoyte barely got forward and his crossing was disgraceful.

    McManus, everytime his name was mentioned it was followed by Morrision should score now. Got torn to shreads, him and Wheater dont work, get Kilgallon in there.

    Kink always makes the wrong choice

    Bailey did NOTHING again, thank god he is injured for saturday

    Robson had world class delivery last year, we looked like scoring from all set pieces into the box, and some of his passes were amazing, this year he cant pass 5 yards.

    Strachan made the wrong choices again. Bringing on Boyd for Lita fair enough, but why not go for it properly, with 15 to go and 2 goals down bring on Lee Miller for the ineffectual Bailey. Then we get pump the ball forward and maybe Boyd and McDonald can get on the end of something. Need massive changes for saturday or we could be on the end of a hiding.

    Bates Wheater Kilgallon Taylor
    Williams Arca Robson Halliday
    Boyd Miller

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    The passing and performance were better last night but we are still not creating nowhere near enough for the forwards.So Bailey was playing with an injury last night and is out for saturday lets hope O’Neil is back sooner rather than later.

    I would have hoped the club would be abit more proactive with the Brad Jones money and go out and get a wide right midfielder by now due to the current injuries.

    I think its time to forget 600k bids for conway.If we want to go up go and put 1.5mil in for Burke and stop messing around or theres Chris Eagles whos a Right Winger at Burnley either of them would be what we are looking for not another unprovern bargain from Scotland.I dont see it happening though everything has gone silent again.Im pretty sure we will leave things to the last minute and make a few half hearted attempts to no avail.

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