Bid turned down for Brad Jones.

I was surprised to see Middlesbrough turn down a bid of £2 million from Liverpool, for goalkeeper Brad Jones.

In recent years we have sold anything of any value.

Brad has been a good servant for the club, but in his 9 years the majority of his time has been as understudy to Mark Schwarzer.

Last season he was tipped to be the number 1 choice, but was dropped by Strachan and replaced by Coyne.

I personally would have sold Jones for £1 million.

Its amazing to think that our keepers in the last few years have all been linked with the top clubs, Schwarzer continues to be linked with Arsenal, Turnbull is at Chelsea and now Jones could be joining Liverpool.

Its even more amazing that the guy who has coached them, Steven Pears was sacked in the summer.

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  1. Al Glasgow says:

    it’s a good point that all our keepers are linked with top teams and Pears was sacked…I was sad to see him and Cooper go

    He was awful last year and I much prefer Danny Coyne. I didn’t expect Liverpool to offer one million for Jones let alone 2, and I certainly didn’t expect Boro to turn it down…I’d of expected him to go for 750,000

    It doesn’t make sense, that we sell good players for peanuts and turn down great bids for average players

  2. BoroBhoy81 says:

    1 million Bernie?

    I honestly would drive him to Liverpool for £200.000. I cannot believe we have turned down an offer of that size!

    Said if before and i’ll say it again, Alan McGregor of Rangers is one Scottish player we should try and sign, he’s a top quality goalkeeper and i believe he’s in his final year of his contract (correct me if i’m wrong)

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    BoroBhoy81 good call on McGregor

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