Bernies big three predictions 25 Aug.

Bernies big three predictions for the weekend

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  1. BoroBhoy81 says:


  2. BoroBhoy81 says:

    For a moment there Bernie i thought your were going to predict a win!!

    I can’t see any wins coming any time soon, the 11 strangers out on that grass havnt a clue.

    I’m hoping for a draw, any more is a bonus.

    Come ON BORO!!!!

  3. Smoggie Phil says:

    I agree Bernie its must win a draw wont be good enough against Barnsley we have QPR away,Burnley home and then Reading home after this which i can only see realistically four points from nine there so Saturday is a must win.Im going for a 2-1 win Up The Boro!!

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