Barnsley 2- Middlesbrough 0.

Boro’s away day misery continued today under Gordon Strachan.

It remains 3 away wins in 10 months, after a 2-0 defeat against Barnsley ,despite bringing in prolific goalscorers McDonald and Boyd from north of the border.

2 goals in 4 games is simply not good enough.

We can’t rely solely on strikers, we need our midfielders to chip in as well.

I hear people saying we are missing Oneil, Flood, Thomson and Williams, how many goals will they score this season?

Collectively they will be lucky to score 10 between them in the remaining 42 league games.

4 points out of 12 in the 4 opening games is a poor return for the biggest spenders in the division.

Poor results, poor football, lack of goals, lack of entertainment and poor crowds, heaps the pressure on Gordon Strachan.

8 Responses to “Barnsley 2- Middlesbrough 0.”

  1. Smoggie Phil says:

    We are allready 6pts behind QPR and Cardiff after four games with them up next away it will probally be nine points in all honesty i cant see us being promoted under Strachan.We have only won three away games since he has been at the club which will not even get you into the play offs.Im really struggling to see where the club is going under Strachan Bernie apart from another mid table finish and its very worrying,time to hit the drink.

  2. BoroBhoy81 says:

    Spot on Bernie….

    Poor Poor POOR.

    It just doesnt look like it’s going to get any better. What happens from here? How many games does Strachan get to prove he is the guy to get us back to the promised land, 5,6 even 10?

    I’m feeling very flat by this team now, on the 4 games previously we look more like relagation candidates rather then championship hopefuls.


  3. BoroBhoy81 says:

    I’m getting rather peeved off now to be honest…..

    What has Tavares got that Digard didnt? Digard had played most of the games for Nice last season so seems to have shaken off the injury jinx, the times i and many of the boro fans i speak with regard Digard as a very good player.

    I’m becoming more and more disillusioned with Strachans signing’s now to be honest, and the ‘football’ what can i say…. Poor. I’m so pessimistic for our fortunes this season, and it all started so positively

  4. Smoggie Phil says:

    I agree Digard is a better footballer than the ones Strachan is buying and playing.I cant see how it can be left to go on like this much longer unless the club are excepting they are now a Championship club for the foreseeable future.

    Next three league games QPR Away then Burnley Home and then Reading Home how many points from them three?

  5. gary says:

    Another terrible result.I was one of the ones saying give the team time to gel..i still think the players are good enough to get us out of the Strachan the an to do it not so sure now..this time last season the board worked behind gareths back and found his succesor..hopefully they doing the same this season..we could do with someone who knows how this divison works..someone like Steve Coppel, he has took a few teams up, and players seem 2 play for him..or give the job to an old wise head like Rioch, or george graham

  6. PeterSwallow says:

    It was the final straw for me this weekend, and my Season ticket will be gathering dust form now on.

    Was it the battering at the hands of our fellow relegation certs Barnsley? No

    The problem with Boro is the strikers are idle, and they need the chances to given to them on a plate. Our midfielders cant do that, so any manager from Alex Ferguson to Mark Cooper would be getting a creative player in, either someone to sit in the hole, or a winger for either side, they could be an old head or a new risky talent. But the key word is Creative.

    Except one manager that is, Gordon IDIOT Strachan buys a HOLDING player. That is the last position that needs filling, get a holding player if you never touch the ball but we have possession we just cant do anything with it.

    I despair, for all you idiots still going I hope you enjoy a midfield of both Thomson and Taveras in the middle when Thomson is fit, with Bailey and Robson toiling on the wings.

    How I miss Fabio Rochemback

  7. Smoggie Phil says:

    Guess what Bernie still no right winger lol and two fullbacks loaned out and we are playing two centrebacks as fullbacks at the minute and are very short there you couldnt make it up.

  8. BOROBOYCAL1 says:

    why the hell has gordon the moron loan out taylor and grounds when taylor shud be our left back and jonny is gd cover if any one at the back gets injured wot is he playin at !!!!! and the boro still have no right winger come on gordon sort the job out man

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