Goodbye to £6 million flop Mido.

I said weeks ago the Middlesbrough would be better off without Mido and it was important to offload the Egyptian as quick as possible, as he could upset the apple cart.

Its embarrassing t0 think that Mido cost the club an astonishing £ 6 million back in 2007 and in his time at the club he clocked up a poultry 25 games scoring just 6 goals, he turned out to be another expensive flop.

Who ever is responsible for bringing strikers in like Rickets, Mido , Dong Gook Lee, Alves, King Euell, etc should be thrown into the River Tees with a lead weight around their ankles.

Mido was always going to be trouble, 8 clubs at the age of 24 before joining boro tells its own story.

I have heard he asked the staff if he could travel to training via a helicopter and land it at Hurworth. He turned up one day with a brand new Rolls Royce and parked it at the front of the building.

He reportedly turned up at the training ground on a Saturday to do a bit of training on his own to get fit after injury, he demanded a pair of cycling shorts, like the ones my old team mate Paul Wilkinson used to wear, only to discover the kit lady was not in and the door was locked.Instead of accepting he could not get them, he allegedly knocked the door down.

Strachan no doubt looked at his past, his record of games and goals, or lack of them and no doubt nearly fainted at his weekly wage.

Strachan continues to search for new talent, no doubt there will be one or two new arrivals before the kick off, and no doubt there will be a Scotsman among them.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    Mido gets a bad rep at the club. His first season was a write off.

    Second season he came back slim, fit and raring to go, and guess what he was banging the goals in. But as soon as the goal machines Aliadiere and Tuncay were back he was dropped. We had Alves, Tuncay and Aliadiere all playing ahead of him and all doing a grand total of nothing(people forget that Tuncay did nothing will he turned it on for march and April) Of course he was going to throw a stop.

    Mido despite his lack of appearances had 4 goals by November, Alves in 3x the number of appearances had 4, Tuncay and Aliadiere with 2x the number of appearances had 2 and 1 respectively.

    Any player who doesn’t throw a strop and demand to leave should be judged harshly for having no ambition. Southgate is at total fault for this

    But people wont accept the facts, because he was a bit lavish and egotistical, the twice as costly signing of Alves was much worse but people let him off because they liked him. Pathetic really.

    “Who ever is responsible for bringing strikers in like Rickets, Mido , Dong Gook Lee, Alves, King Euell, etc should be thrown into the River Tees with a lead weight around their ankles.”

    If its not the manager as you seem to be suggesting, that this person also brought in Yakubu, Hasslebaink, and Viduka and therefore deserves credit.

    Although to you bernie it seems like if its a good signing the manager gets all the credit, if its a bad signing you blame it on Keith Lamb.

    When Keith Lamb said he signed Alves, he didnt mean he picked the player he meant he did the negotiations and the deal

    If Mrs Slaven tells you to go and buy some Milk, and you go down to Waitrose pick up the milk, take it to the counter and pay for it, who has bought the milk? You have, but its not you who selected it

  2. bernieslaven says:


    You are right in saying, when Mido was fit that he didn’t get a game Southgate failed to pick him.

    Regarding the signing of strikers, I don’t blame one individual as you suggest , its a collective thing, scouting system, coach, manager, Chief Exec and chairman, all carry the can.

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    I won’t miss him…he showed no desire to be here last season, and think it’s good we got him off the wage bill

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    Fair enough Bernie, I accept that.

    The Mido deal has collapsed by the way

  5. brownowl says:

    I remember Keith lamb and/or Southgate telling us they dont just check what a player does in the pitch but also check his character off the pitch. Well someone didnt do their job when they signed Alves(went on strike at his old club), Mido and Marlon King.

    The warning signs were there for Mido. about 10 clubs in about 8 years. Starts of well and full on intent but then loses interest and can’t be bothered. He just isn’t mentaly right to be a successful footballer. The daft thing is that there is always anotehr club/manager willing to give him a try thinking he will be a a new man. A leopard doesnt change its spots and you cant teach an old dog new tricks or change its habits.

    When boro sign a players with a chequered past what makes people think that player will be any different at boro? It’s just a pay cheque to them.

  6. sgtpepper says:

    The fact that Mido was dropped by Southgate along with Alves/Tuncay on numerous occasions suggests to me that Gareth did not want them at the club and found it hard to work with them.
    So who is signing these players then Peter.?
    I also have the same feeling now when it comes to this Kinky player totally against the grain in what WGS has been signing.
    Perhaps Lamb/ the scouts/or perhaps Chris Kamara Gibbos private headhunter 🙂 have been playing about again.
    I feel he is also a player bought like Gook to sell shirts in another part of the world “what a stupid idea” its not like Boro have a player like Ronaldo/Rooney/Beckham,anyways Boro’s marketing department has got to be “the worst in the country” along with its PR department.
    They can’t even sell shirts in their own club shop in the middle of Middlesbrough.
    Which has been proven these past few years when each time I ordered a shirt I have had to wait until they get some in stock.

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