Finally Boro are signing players who produce.

Nicky Bailey finally trained with his new team mates yesterday, after completing his £ 1 million move from Charlton.

It is refreshing to see a player who is setting himself double figures regarding goals.

Modern day players don’t seem to put themselves under that sort of pressure theses days.

My old manager Bruce Rioch, before every season would give every player goal scoring targets.

Defenders 3-5 goals a season

Midfielders 8-12 goals

Forwards 20- 25 goals

I am not so sure that modern day managers do this.

The game for me is all about product, defenders keeping clean sheets, midfielders and wingers creating and scoring goals, and forwards doing what they do best, sticking the ball in the net.

In recent years we have had too many non productive players, who flatter to deceive and run about like headless chickens. Certain sections of the crowd are kidded.

Those type of players could find that their careers at Boro will be coming to an end under Strachans leadership, as he seems to be signing productive individuals.

Players like Gary Oneil and Julio Arca, must be worried about their futures.Bailey and Barry Robson highlight what both these players are missing.

Work-rate and endeavour , is the least you should expect from a player.

In my days at Boro to win player of the year, you had to score 30 goals, in recent years we have handed out the player of the year award, to players that have ran 30 miles. This can not be right.

Looking forward to signing more productive players, to drive us back to where we belong, the premier league.

4 Responses to “Finally Boro are signing players who produce.”

  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I’m agree 100% with you there Bernie

  2. HolgateHero says:

    We seem to have quite a few players now who are surplus to requirements given their wage and ability.

    I’d like to see the back of Emnes, Arca, +Oneil.

    Wouldn’t mind Strachan getting into the heads of some of the others; Digard, Mido and Hoyte (mido – no chance really but if we got him fired up, then he’d be an asset in this league).

    One thing is for sure, strachan means business and I’m very excited about his coaching appointments.

  3. bernieslaven says:

    there is no doubt there is a host of players who are surplus to requirement.
    I think O neil is a cert to go.
    I have not seen Arca perform in the last three year.
    Emnes, has not showed a flicker since his arrival.
    Diggard Mido and Hoyte,it would take more than Strachan to get into their heads.
    Bring back Bill Beswick.
    Regarding the coaching appointments, it was just a matter of time before Strachan cleared the decks.

  4. Bandy says:

    I think Hoyte has promise and I think Strachan will be eager to see if he can sustain a regular starting place. I think he likes his energy and this season we may just about get away with his technical deficiencies if we can dominate games more than we did last. I’d expect him to start at right back with a point to prove. We need a left back tho. That is a major problem.

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