Boyd for Boro?

The rumours are rife both north and south of the border, that Middlesbrough are looking to sign Rangers out of contract striker Kris Boyd.

If we could persuade Scotland’s all time highest premier league goalscorer, to come to the Riverside that would be one hell of a signing.

For me that would be a genuine signing of intent.

I personally think it would put a few more bums on seats and give us a greater chance of promotion.

Boyd is an out and out goalscorer. He is a typical fox in the box,  In the right places at the right time, anticipates things. Something we have been lacking for a long time.

The doubters will say he has scored all his goals in a mickey mouse league and only scored one against arch rivals Celtic.

This maybe true but he is joining a championship team, in a division that was very, very average last season.

I’m sure if he can stay injury free, he will get more than his fair share of goals

On the subject of goalscorers,

Mido’s return could be more disruptive than productive.

Don’t forget he joined Middlesbrough back in 2007, for an outrageous fee of £6 million.

In return we have had 25 games and about half a dozen goals.

I said at the time we should not have touched him with a barge pole.

I have heard from good sources that he can be a problem behind the scenes.

If the club wants to get off to the best possible start, they cannot allow a bad apple to upset the cart.

If there is a chance of us signing Boyd, Mido’s return could prevent it.

2 Responses to “Boyd for Boro?”

  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I think Boyd could be a BIG player for us…an old fashioned striker who puts the ball in the net….just what I want from my strikers

    The Championship was weak last year, and will be weaker this year in my opinion, with the right players we will never have a better chance of going up

  2. brownowl says:

    Apparently he is a lazy forward who needs supply. We just need Adam Johnson back now.

    Not sure how Mcdonald and Boyd will work.n Is Boyd a target man?

    Does he have any pace as that’s something we lack.

    Let’s not count our chickens before they have hatched we have had so many false dawns under strikers in recent years. Tuncay,Alves,mido,alaidiere,DGL,Miller,Lita,Miller,Kitson….

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