Boro’s latest arrivals.

Its odds on Rangers tough tackling midfielder Kevin Thompson, will sign for Middlesbrough after having a medical.

The 25 year old Scottish international, who has played over 100 games for the Gers, will no doubt link up with Bailey and Robson in midfield.

His arrival could see the departure of Gary Oneil.

Thompson is a similar player to my old team mate Gary Hamilton, a no nonsense, tough tackling, ball winner, who will be the anchor man, protecting the back line.

My only doubt about Thompsons arrival is his mindset. Does he really want to be here?

In Tuesdays Scottish Sun, he was quoted as saying, he wants to sign a new deal for the Gers. He continued by saying they are the best club in the world and he hopes that the banks are not going to force the situation and tell him he has to move on.

He finished off by saying the grass is not always greener on the other side. The grass might not be greener in Teesside, but the financial rewards will be greater.

This time next year Thompson could be playing in the premier league in England, as opposed to the micky mouse league in Scotland.

On the subject of Thompson a Rangers fan came on the legends radio show last week, saying there is no way Thompson will sign for Boro, he would cost you at least  £5 million. I replied by telling him we had just taken Rangers record top scorer for nothing, how can you justify  £5 million for a tough tackling midfielder.

I am delighted that Boro have signed him for about £2 million.

Boro finally completed the signing of Celtic center half Stephen McMannus, for £1.5 million.

The player who will be delighted the most and will benefit the most by this signing is David Wheater, I am sure both of them can form a formidable partnership, they have got a chance to blossom, as McMannus has signed a three year contract.

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  1. sgtpepper says:

    I think Thompson is going to be a great asset to the Boro in years to come,yes he is a wee bit injury prone at present but I am sure once he settles and starts enjoying the game he’ll produce what is missing in the middle of the park.
    By the way Bernie although I agree with you on most things about the Boro, and I ain’t Scottish but I do give a little respect to our brothers up North when needed “Micky Mouse league” come on mate I think they have earned a better name than that from an icon such has yourself.
    One day they will get their act together, some great players and managers have came from there.

  2. bernieslaven says:


    Regarding the Mickey Mouse league. I have defended Scottish football for the last 20 odd years.

    When you have 2 of the biggest club sides in Scotland if not Britain, selling all their top players to championship sides in England, then you have a problem.

  3. Bandy says:

    It appears that a lot of clubs are employing tough tackling ball winners to eliminate any opposition attacks, thus allowing the creative players to go about their business. I like this in principle, however, we are still short on the creative front and I am hoping Strachan will address this. I dont want to see McDonald or Boyd have to come deep for the ball. Robson should assist with this but he cant do it all on his own. A right sided player is paramount and then we can start thinking about going for the title…

  4. sgtpepper says:

    Well we still have Willo Flood who is a right winger.
    I am amazed however that Darren Ambrose is still at Palace I thought he would have been on wee Gordy’s hit list.When it comes to free scoring midfielfers I think Ambrose is possibly one of the best in the championship.

    “Take your point Bernie.”

  5. Bandy says:

    Agreed pepper. I hope that we have at least enquired about him, however, I forgot to mention Nicky Bailey who sets himself targets of double figures. At last we look to be bringing in the right type of players. We need to double our goal tally from last season and also halve the amount we let in. I think we are addressing that so far. I’d still like to see a goalkeeper brought in – someone who is experienced and isnt afraid to wipe out his own centre halves when coming for the ball – yes, even Big Mick McManus!

  6. Al Glasgow says:

    It’s starting to look promising……dare I say I’m starting to maybe even feel optimistic!!

  7. we need a goalkeeper and players with pace.quality is needed not just effort

  8. HolgateHero says:

    Barry, if you read what Mr Spry one of our new coaches thinks, you’ll see needing players ‘with pace’ is a fallacy. Spain won the world cup with passing not fast wingers. Robson played half a season for us and delivered more than Gary ‘run fast’ O’neil did in 2 seasons. Obviously quality is needed, fortunately it looks as though Strachan knows that.

    The feeling of anticipation for the coming season is growing, I applaud the efforts of Wee Gingerballs, Curly and Mo, now we just need to ship some of the non-delivering big earners out the door (which will be tough in some cases).

  9. sgtpepper says:

    Its a done deal HH.
    My god I can’t wait for the euros and the next world cup come to think about it.
    Imagine the complete Scottish team all Boro lads.
    Yeh come on Scotland.

  10. PeterSwallow says:

    What about the imminent return of Dave Kitson, thats a shocker

  11. bernieslaven says:

    Hole gate hero-

    Its a done thing with modern players that if they are being forced out of the door they dig their heels in and expect a settlement package, in defence to the player the club are breaking the contract.
    In saying that when i was forced out the door, after been loyal for 7 and a half years and scoring 147 goals, i got no settlement and at the time it didnt enter my mind, i was so dissapointed at leaving Middlesbrough

  12. sgtpepper says:

    Hey Bernie how do you feel about French Franck.
    It gets my goat when I see such a good wing back on trial at Peterboro.
    Especially when even at a ripe age of 31 he will still wipe the floor with any of our left backs.
    Yes he is a little hot tempered at times but that was because of his winning mentality.
    Gareth couldn’t handle that so he said by by.
    If you still have any connections at The Riverside have a word.

    By the way when are you gonna get a proper message board on here.

  13. HolgateHero says:

    Fair do’s bernie, as long as it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be here then he’s entitled to get what he’s owed. It was a total shocker your end at boro came like that, maybe you could file for it retrospectively…?

    Sgt, I think french frank has his best days behind him now. I loved him when he was at boro, but he must have put on 2 stone since then and would even struggle to beat Arca in a sprint.

    I second the message board notion though, perhaps just a very simple on like the old Evening gazette one?

  14. King Rich Of Hard says:

    Bernie, can i just ask who else you’d like see come to the Boro before the big kick off?
    Personally i think we could do with 2 new fullbacks (Naughton loan) and maybe another Center Back.
    Would you take a chance with Jones or Coyne or simply bring in a new Keeper? Maybe another couple of Midfielders?
    I have a good feeling about what Wee Gordy is doing with this squad and hopefully last seasons failures are ready to give their all for the club this and every season after.

  15. bernieslaven says:

    King Rich –

    We need two full backs, Naughton would certainly do a job, but not at left back. Regarding the goalkeeping situation, I personally think we need a new one, surprisingly Gordon has just missed out on a top class keeper who has been in Scotland for several years, Boruc of Celtic. All the qualities , good height , physic and presence a good shot stopper. We also need a right winger.

    I am not a betting man, but with another few new additions, even I would put money on, we will be in the premier league next year.

  16. Bandy says:

    In keeping with Strachans scottish signings I have just read reports we are after Crocodile Dundee

  17. PeterSwallow says:

    All my fears were realised tonight in the first friendly. Whilst others were going overboard I could still see the huge cracks in the team.

    This says it all Gary O’Neil played on the left wing. He was shocking on the right midfield, average in the middle in a lower divison, and now on the left. With players we have I expected us not to create much, we are too narrow and none of Thomson, Bailey, Robson and Flood are very creative, now with O’Neil the most pointless footballer on the left wing we will literally have no service.

    Promotion nee chance

  18. Peter i think that you have blown this completely out of proportion
    bernie will agree that pre season friendlies dont mean anything
    and i wouldnt read too much into the squad selection for these matches.

    also watching flood last season i thought he took players on and used his pace

    bailey scored 13 goals for Charlton in the championship.

    Thomson and Robson are going to sure up the midfield so we dont get bullied in the middle of the park anymore

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