Boro mean business.

Delighted that 26 year old, Scottish international and premier league all time goalscorer, Kris Boyd has joined Boro.

He is the 6th player to arrive in Teesside from north of the border, McManus who has been on loan from Celtic could make it seven.

Because of his scottish connection Boyd should have no problems settling in.

People might question his ambition and sanity, joining a run of the mill championship side.

If I’m honest I am surprised that there wasn’t bigger clubs than us in for his signature.

Of course as an ex Boro player and fan, we have to be cautious after some of the rubbish we have brought to the club over the years, Ricketts, Dong Gook Lee, Euell, Mido, Aliadierre, Alves, the list is endless.

Strikers have arrived with proven track records in the past and failed.

Lets hope Boyd turns out to be a success.

In Scotland he overtook Henrik Larsson’s record of 158 SPL goals, which was no mean feat.

Boyd has been accused of playing a one dimensional game, he also rarely troubled  opponents of any substance, as witnessed by his lack of goals against Celtic, or the complete absence of goals in Europe.

For Boyd to grab the goals he craves, he needs quality service, especially from the flanks.

We have got 18 year old Andrew Halliday from Livingston on the left. He is unproven at this level.

I personally would like to see a natural right winger signed .

In the centre of midfield Nicky Bailey will create for our front two and score goals.

As a Boro fan I am genuinely excited about this season, unlike previous campaigns.

Halliday, Bailey and Boyd, scored 53 goals between them last season.

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  1. PeterSwallow says:

    You are getting ahead of yourself Bernie.

    Boyd has NOT signed yet. he has seemingly chose Boro over the other clubs but thats all so far.

    Bailey who you also mention had quotes like this TWO WEEKS AGO and still has NOT signed. Why because Keith Lamb is on Holiday and no deals will be finalised till he is back.
    I fully expect other teams to come and get them if we dont sort it out soon.

    As for Halliday dont expect to see him much, like Emnes he has been signed as a Project. He will sit on the bench and get the odd 10 mins here and there. The Jump from Scotlands League 2 to the Championship is too big, and if Strachan does start him I will doubt him.

    As a Boro fan I am genuinely worried about this season, as like previous campaigns the squad has many holes in it.

    The holes in the forward line have hopefully been filled but their are doubts over every other postion.

    GK: Both Jones and Coyne are poor, and due to tragic circumstances I do not think we can rely on Jones this season.
    RB: McMahon and Hoyte are both AWFUL at best.
    CB: Wheater is fine, but who plays with him Hines, Johnson, Grounds and Bates will be lucky to have 10 Centre Back starts between them. Even if McManus signs we still need another Centre Back
    LB: Taylor is okay but injury prone, Bennett looks promising but if he flops we are playing players out of position.
    RM: We dont have a right midfielder, its likely to be headless chicken flood, left footed Robson, or forwards Franks or Williams. Need to buy one
    CM: Robson and Bailey, but then its down to injury prone flop Digard, disaster zone Arca, and Centre back by trade Williams. I’m ignoring O’Neil and Walker as they wont be here. Another CM is essential
    LM: Halliday who should not be starting is our only option, then its right footers out of position.
    F: Only position with strength and we have too many players. Boyd, McDonald, Miller, Lita, Mido, Emnes, Franks, and Williams.

    The squad is a joke. The strikers as good as they may be will not score with that pathetic midfield, and the defence can not cope.

  2. Al Glasgow says:

    it’s a good signing, hopefully he will get us the goals to go up…he is saying the right things such as I’m here to win the Championship ect…..

  3. bernieslaven says:


    Come on Peter, you can’t begrudge Mr Lamb a holiday after the last two seasons the club has had.
    What is more important, the Chief executive getting a tan, or signing new players!

    I agree the squad is still thin, but I expect Strachan to bring in at least another three players.

  4. Bandy says:

    Next priority is a supply line from the flanks, as Bernie quite rightly points out. We need two wide men, wingers, or whatever you want to call them thesedays, in the Stuart Ripley, Alan Comfort mould, whereby their sole job is to drop the ball on a plate to either Boyd or McDonald. Once this is acheived we should be in business. Lets keep it simple and bring in players to do this job effectively. No frills, no fancy haircuts, no tattoos, no coloured boots, just two hard working wide men to supply what looks like a very potent strikeforce.

  5. Steve Hunton says:

    I just hope these new guys can come here settle in quick and score goals after all who have we had who’s came in and had us jumping about with excitement and you were right about emnes,dong lee and mido ,,,,,,shocking

  6. HolgateHero says:

    I seem to remember we got a semi decent striker from scotland some time ago for a bargain as well. He had a big arse and was offside a lot but we haven’t seen a goalscorer as prolific since apart from some very expensive big-time charlies, but they never lasted the distance.

    Seriously the scots seem to have a great football ethic and there have been many who have done well at this level. If Boyd does half as well as that other one then I’ll be over the moon. Have to make sure the local boro Asda is well stocked with Iron-Bru and monster munch though (or so I’ve heard).

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