Boro continue to search Scotland for talent.

Gordon Strachan is odds on to grab his 10th signing from Scottish football,as he looks to sign Dundee United winger Craig Conway.

I watched Conways performance in the Scottish cup final against Ross County, where he was arguably man of the match and chipped in with 2 goals.

He is 25 years old and he earned his first Scottish full cap, against Japan last season.

He has played on either wing for Dundee United and with Strachan already signing left winger Halliday from Livingston, you would presume, he would become our number one right winger.

The right winger has been a joke position for years, neither McLaren or Southgate addressed the problem,we have had an unbelievable amount of players who have played in that position and failed.

As a center forward you create your own bit of magic, but in the main you rely on quality service, especially from the wide positions.

I was fortunate enough to play with guys like , Stuart Ripley, John Hendrie and Alan Comfort, they could whip quality balls into the box with pace and accuracy, near post or back post and could take the full backs on inside or outside.

Hopefully wingers such as Halliday and Conway, can deliver the quality balls, Boyd ,Macdonald and co, will thrive on.

I know modern day managers play left wingers on the right and vice versa, I understand the logic in that to a degree, the left footed player up against the left back, cuts in onto his favoured foot and the full backs weaker foot and has a crack at goal, he can also cut in and deliver a good ball. But as a centre forward, you want your winger to get by the full back on the outside as often as possible and get defenders turning as apposed to facing the crosses.

On the subject of width and wingers here are some of the names that have played on the right wing, which I have called our joke position, Boateng, Johnson, Cattermole, Arca, Downing, Mendietta, Nemeth, Maccarone, Wilkshire, Oneil, Stamp, Greening, Flood, Rochenback, Sanli, Emnes, Robson there are loads more I’m running out of time , if you can think of any let me know.

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  1. grahampapag says:

    Its time a club took a chance on some Scottish talent. Hats off to WGS for stepping up to the plate and spending some ££££s in Scotland. We used to love seeing the Scots propping up every team in England, whether it was Liverpool, Man U,’Boro or whoever. Murdoch/Souness. I can remember seeing BS sitting on a park bench (frozen oot of footie) till eventually ‘Boro signed you. The rest is history. Legend at ‘Boro and a World Cup appearance. It cant get much better!!! Good luck to Old Firm Utd. Every Scottish fan will be searching for your result and hoping the goal machine keeps his engine running! PS Bernie…..Millsie says Hi!

  2. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Graham-

    I totally agree, English clubs have ignored Scottish football for years, none more than Middlesbrough, we would rather sign players from Argentina, Croatia and Holland rather than look north of the border.

    Finally the penny has dropped and Strachan, has took the club from one extreme to another.

    If Dundee United’s winger Conway joins the boro, that will be 10 in total from Scotland.

    I take it the goal machine you are referring to is Kris Boyd. I have no doubt he will be a success in the championship.
    There is no doubt he will have his critics, just like at Rangers, people have accused him of being lazy, limited ability and so on, but for me as an ex striker its all about putting the ball in the back of the net.
    Its an art and great habit to be in the right place at the right time.

    I wish all the Scottish players all the very best.

  3. sgtpepper says:

    You are right for too many years now there has been a block on looking around the UK for talent,which is why I feel not only has the home teams suffered but also the international teams.Its good to see that WGS has opened that door again and hopefully other clubs will follow.I am sure there is also an untapped well of talent across the water in the Emerald Isle which was also once upon a time a breeding ground like Scotland for large clubs.We have struggled badly in the past few years to actually cover certain positions and like you so honestly put it “the joke position right wing”.
    Against Berlin saturday it stood out a mile that we need wide players hopefully one of these Halliday or Conway will be on the field against the Tractor boys Saturday.

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