The worst performance in the tournament.

Its now 2 games, 2 draws, and 2 poor performances against 2 average sides.

England’s performance against the Algerians was the worst I have seen in the tournament, they were woeful.

They lacked in every department,the shape of the side was poor,there was no balance, belief or discipline.

In fact the way Algeria stroked the ball about at their leisure, crisp and accurate,I thought the opposition was Brazil.

I said after the USA game, that big players like Cole ,Lampard and Rooney must perform, if anything they all failed miserably

Cole failed to get forward and deliver any quality in the box once again.

Lampard never got a kick, apart from one shot which the keeper saved.

Wayne Rooney had an absolute nightmare,his first touch was awful, link up play was poor, never had a shot at goal, but the biggest criticism of Rooney,he looked as if he had thrown the towel in long before the final whistle.

In previous tournaments players have made the soring temperatures  an excuse, but the climate in Africa is on a par with Britain.

How Joe Cole has not featured in the opening 2 games is beyond belief.

The outside left position is becoming a joke position in 180 mins of football Millner, Wright Phillips, Gerrard and Rooney have all had a spell there and no doubt the personnel will change again for the Slovenia game on Wednesday.

I noticed Royals Harry and William were present and their faces were bright red, I don’t know if both of them had a shaving rash ,too much drink,or it was just shear embarrassment at their national teams performance.

Capello now has to be ruthless in his selection for the game against Slovenia, certain players look to be untouchable and bullet proof in particular Lampard.

Joe Cole must be a definite starter on the left,Gerrard must move central alongside Barry and Crouch or Defoe must start with Rooney up front.

Do you agree or disagree……….

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  1. Not only the worst performance in the tournament but the worst England performance in my life time.

    How dare Rooney have a go at the paying fans who have invested a lot of their money to fly to South Africa and support England. Rooney needs to look at himself and what he did for the team.

    Unfortunately, this is becoming common now with this so called “golden generation”. Where was the Frank Lampard that scored 20 plus goals for Chelsea? Where was the Wayne Rooney who had been on fire throughout the season for Manchester United? I can go on and on and on.

    Granted, we’ve been here before as Gareth Southgate alluded too on the television. Bobby Robson changed it for the last group game after drawing and going with three at the back. Capello needs to do something. Starting Joe Cole on the left must be in the team! Whats the problem with having Rooney up front and Gerrard playing his Liverpool role behind the centre forward?

    A lot of work to do if we’re going to make it past the group stages.

  2. DomBorots5 says:

    Bernie com’on your scottish also France,Spain,Germany all losing and if it was me i would say France are the worst team and have the worst results in the tournament i think England were rubbish but not the worst performance in the tournament. England will qualify but will get beat in the round of 16 because just not good enough. UP THE BORO!! bring on next season getting SICK of England

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    I’ve never had much faith in Capello since he took over and immediatly dropped Englands 4th Top Goal Scorer Michael Owen (the fact that I had money on him becoming Englands all time top goalscroer since 1999 is irrelevant) and always changed the reason for it not fit, not in form, playing for a struggling side, need to be performing at the highest level and playing in the champions league, or not playing enough first team football depending on what Owen was doing at the time…. but he took Barry unfit, Upson (who’s likley to start on Wed) and Green been at struggling West Ham all season, Wright Phillips couldn’t get into the man city team because of Johnson be was preffered by Capello, and I don’t know what Joe Cole has to do to get a game. Capellos Head Master act seems to have lost it’s effect on the players

    what do you think about the fan getting into the dressing room and giving Beckham and mouthful of abuse??

    Capello gets his squad selection very wrong, his team selection is a joke, his substitutions a disgrace and he can’t motivate a bunch of over paid, over rated players for a world cup game and it’s Beckham who gets the flack??

    typical English moron

  4. PeterSwallow says:

    It was far from the worst performance of the tournament. People are living in a dream world when they expect 4 and 5 nils of the olden days.

    Lots of lesser nations have improved and are now clever enough to go defensive. Yes England should be beating these sides but a draw isnt bad. England have drew against USA 11th in the world, and Algeria 30th in the world(Tell Horswill that according to FIFA Algeria are better than his beloved Paraguay whoa re 31st)

    Italy 5th in the world drew with New Zealand 78th in the world. Surely thats worse.
    Look at the state of France, even Germany have been beat.

    Worst performance of the tournament, its a exaggeration because people are underrating Algeria.

    By the same standards Boro should be happier with not beating Newly promoted Leeds, then they would with Newly Relegated Hull, because people are working on the history and the name rather than the actual reality.

    Bernie it looks like Nicky Bailey from Charlton has all but signed, thoughts

  5. Bandy says:

    One thing that was evident to me was the body language of KEY players. They are all uncomfortable in whatever position they are being asked to play. That is a slur on them and a slur on the management and a compromise must be met because unhappy players deliver unhappy performances.

    Rooney had an absolute nightmare and that bores out of frustration. He is a pivotal man. Basically Heskey gets in his way and restricts the room that he usually thrives on. Rooney is clearly unhappy and it’s a myth that he and Heskey play well together, or Heskey brings out the best in others. It simply is not working.

    Gerrard cannot hold his shape on the left which does not allow Cole to bomb on. At some point, he will get caught short and we will be punished. My only thinking is that gerrard is played on the left on the off chance he will drop his shoulder, cut in and take a strike or two at goal, however, he can do that far more effectively from the middle of the park where he SHOULD be able to play with Lampard. They are intelligent enough to know ehen one can sit and one can go. The man who goes, obviously links up with Rooney in the hope either of them can get a shot off. This seems the most viable route to goal at the moment, but we then have the problem of finishing and at this moment in time NONE of the seniro players could finish their tea.

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