Germany run riot.

I said before the event that if England were going to beat the Germans, they would have to be at their best defensively .

The back line were woeful.

Individually and collectively they were exposed.

If I am being brutally honest, I thought Germany made England look like a pub side.

Technically they were far superior, more confident when in possession and created chances at will.

In fact they should have been 4 up in the opening 35 mins.

Klose could have quite easily grabbed a hat- trick.

England grabbed a lifeline thanks to a Upson header against the run of play.

We all know that Lampards shot was at least 2 yards over the line.

But overall England can have no complaints.

They got outclassed in every department, at times chased shadows and got done on the counterattack throughout the game.

What do you think about the performance?…….

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  1. Al Glasgow says:

    dire, dire, dire…and the fact the played in red made me think I was watching Boro at times!!

    possibly the worst defensive performance I have seen all Tournament (and I watched Portugal score 7)

    the Lampard “goal” will possibly paper over a few cracks, but Germany were full value to be 3 goals better off…I thought only Lampard and James played well…. James was left awfully exposed by his defence… though from now on I’d play Hart in goal so he is primed for the Euro’sRooney again did nothing!!! I honestly hope he doesn’t have an England future!! Crouch and Defoe for me!!

    Capello again got his subs horribly wrong we need goals so he sends on Heskey for Defoe, we still need goals so I’ll leave Crouch on the bench and bring on Wright Phillips for Johnson

    not sure what the answer is, but Capello must go, he barely understood the interviewer after the game, so how can he understand his players??

    I’d do what Germany are doing start blooding a new young/fresh team,but with a few experienced players in there in time for the Euro’s with an English Manager leading the way

  2. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Al-

    Maybe McClaren wasn’t that bad after all…. Ha Ha.

  3. Al Glasgow says:

    LOL…. I preferred McClaren over Capello….(at least he picked strikers who scored) he wasn’t a popular appointment to start with tho, and the minute we failed to qualify for the Euro’s his number was up, but people ignore the amount of players out injured that fateful “wally with the brolly night”, the squad was sadly all he had left….. he dropped the ball giving Carson his first cap in such an important game, but Terry, Rio, Rooney, Cole, Downing, Owen and Rooney were all injured…but we should of put Russia and Andorra away before leaving it to the last game…just look at the first 11

    Scott Carson

    Micah Richards Sol Campbell Joleon Lescott Wayne Bridge

    Shaun Wright-Phillips Frank Lampard Steven Gerrard Gareth Barry

    Joe Cole

    Peter Crouch

    He has done well (since he was sacked) in Holland and I dare say he will be a success in Germany, but Capello has proven being a good club manager doesn’t mean you will be a good international one!! I just want an English Manager now..

    Am I really defending McClaren as an England manager??? think my hatred for Capello is getting to me….

  4. DomBorots5 says:

    Germany-4 England-1 what can i say…..crap!


  5. Bandy says:

    It looks to me like there has been a fundamental breakdown in communication and I’m sure deep down the players simply cannot accept what Capello is asking of them. They look bewildered, have no shape, play as a group of individuals and we rely heavily on Rooney who has had the worst four games of his entire career one after the other. Shocking. The decisions Capello has made have been absolute howlers and his stubborness and unwillingness to change formation and play a system that everybody feels comfortable with have been his undoing. I’d be very suprised if he is England manager this time next month, and I’d expect the media to hound him out within weeks, with a series of unsettling player revolt stories.

    I’ve never bought into this England hype. I get annoyed the way the media, pundits, and supporters talk up our so called superstars. Lets face it, we are a mixed bag of average to good players with maybe one or two stand alone performers. The league they perform in is average and when they are catapulted onto the world stage against players who know how to adapt and play international football then they become unstuck. Germany was a prime example. They absolutley destroyed us, yet man for man people keep telling me we are a match or even better. Garbage. We were found out comprehensivley and picked off at will on the counter. We lack intelligence, discipline and simply do not function as a unit. English players are not geared up to perform to the technical levels that are reuqired to boss games at international level. It’s all kick and rush and follow the ball.

  6. Al Glasgow says:

    the fact that Rooney can’t play upfront with a partner is amazing!!

    Just saw him on SkySports carrying a big pillow….he might as well have took it onto the pitch with him!!

  7. brownowl says:


    What’s your opinion on Klose and Podolski. They haven’t scored many at club level this season but have about 90 goals between them at international level. Normally you would expect it the other way round. Why do oyu think this is possible. This is the same for Peter Crouch.

    When you look back at Euro 96 there was such a choice of english strikers but now we have very little. It’s a little worrying for the future and shows that if Rooney is struggling then the team struggles. The quality isn’t there

  8. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Brownowl –

    Maybe they are more comfortable with the surroundings at international level, and are also playing alongside better players.

    Without doubt there is a shortage of quality players when it comes to England.

    When you compare todays strikers with the strikers of the past, guys like Shearer, Lineker, Beardsley there is no comparison.

    One of the main problems the national team has got is the premier league is littered with over seas players.

  9. brownowl says:


    I see we haven’t got any english players over in Germany,Italy or Spain. I think we need a few of our players to go to these leagues and learn how they play and use that experience with the national side. Rooney should go to Barcelona or Real Madrid at somepoint. I think Gerrard and Lampard would be better international players if they had a stint in Italy or Spain. I think we would learn a lot from the professionalism of the german clubs. I think every world cup since 1938 they have reached the quarter finals and ever since 1966 they have got further than England.

    I don’t have a problem with overseas players in the Premier league. It raises the standard of the league. If an english player is good enough he will get in the team. See Adam Johnson at Man city, Downing&cattermole when at Middlesbrough and Wheater.

    I think the culture of how we teach football from knee high needs to change. Too much of kick and rush and boot it upfield rather than encouraging kids to be comfortable with the ball and learn to keep possession. At international level the england players never look comfortable with the ball, they treat it as a time bomb. But when you look at Spain,Argentina and Brazil they want to keep the ball and retain possession.

  10. Bandy says:

    Overseas, their leagues are geared towards providing a suitable platform for players to flourish at international level in their respective country whereas the Premier league is basically geared towards attracting the best players from overseas to form a collection of superb individual talents, but without real purpose. It’s a myth that the Premier League is the best in the world – most of the teams that make up the numbers are garbage.

    Slav, who in the current England set up would you regard as world class? I ask, because I have never really fallen for the hype surrounding England’s so called Golden genaration. It’s a bit embarassing really. I’d consider Rooney as having potential to be World Class, but in the modern game the term World Class is used far too loosely.

    The state of the national side is highlighted when a very average player can play 5 or 6 good games for his club side and then suddenly become elevated to International class. I’d put 6 or 7 of the current England players into that category.

  11. Al Glasgow says:

    With regards to the Strikers if he was fit I’d have Owen (at least on the bench) as he knows where the goal is…it’s too bad, we don’t want someone to just score goals anymore they have to be running all over the pitch….it seems anywhere except, where the crosses are going

    not one English striker playing at the minute can touch Owens England record! 4th all time top goal scorer, All time top goal scorer in competitive games Liniker is second and Shearer third. Owen has never gone more than four international games in a row without scoring a goal..whats Rooney on now??. He has played for England in the 1998 World Cup, Euro 2000, the 2002 World Cup and Euro 2004, scoring goals in all four tournaments against Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. This makes him the only player to ever have scored in four major tournaments for England..Rooney will never achieve that!! hell he’ll probably never score past those teams…… and he buried his penalties in the shoot outs too…. oh and he put a Hat-Trick past Germany for good measure….. if only he’d been fit and in form and Capello didn’t hate the sight of him, we might have scored an extra goal in the groups, topped the group, and be playing Uruguay tonight

    for me Rooney needs to be dropped from the team, the sheer fact he can’t play upfront with someone is ridiculous, why we are soooo reliant on someone who doesn’t perform when it matters the most is baffling…he’s not the only one…surely Cattermole amongst should be getting a look in soon

    what do you think Bernie??

  12. brownowl says:


    I think players become more patriotic to their country when they play in a foreign league. For example Brazil players always put country before club. I think with the players in england they put club first. Eg Manutd,Liverpool and chelsea.

    My biggest disappointment with the world cup was why didnt he chuck on Crouch at halftime for Rooney. Crouch has a good record for england and he should have been given more minutes. It makes me wonder if some players have to be picked for Sponsorship and advertising reasons.

  13. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Al-

    Im beginning to think your Michael Owens agent, most of your posts include his name.

    I know exactly where your coming from, he is vastly experienced and has an outstanding goal scoring record and scored in all the big tournaments.
    Capello didn’t seam to fancy him for whatever reason.

    You finish off by mentioning Lee Cattermole for the full squad.
    If Lee can stay clear of injury and continue to flourish at Sunderland, I have no doubt he will be included.

    P.S Just a question for you Al –

    Emile Heskey or Dong Gook Lee !

  14. bernieslaven says:

    Hi Bandy-

    In the current England set up, I dont think there is one world class player.

    Gerrard and Lampard have never shown consistently on the international stage.

    Both have been brilliant over the years at club level, i would put them down as European class, but we are talking world.

    Rooney has the potential to succeed.

    Ashley Cole i think is possibly the closest , although he didn’t show it in this tournament.

    When i think of world class players i think of ;

    Pele, Maradona, Zidane, Kempas, Rossi , Moore to name but a few.

  15. Al Glasgow says:

    LOL, no I’m not his agent but when it comes to England’s current goal scorers, I think he’s the best Internationally

    hhhmmmm The Gook or Heskey… I’d have neither….Battlefield Earth or Batman and Robin??

    though at least I can see what Heskey does on the pitch, but it’s not what I want my strikers to do

    I do think Cattermole (again assuming he keeps himself fit) should be knocking on the door England haven’t had anyone like Cattermole since ….I’d have a full new look midfield for our next game Downing, Cattermole, Rodwell and Johnson

  16. Al Glasgow says:

    that should of read since Paul Ince

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