England v Slovenia.

Its simple, its win or bust for England who have to beat Slovenia on Wednesday.

Why shouldn’t they beat them. Slovenia are the smallest country of the 2010 World Cup with a population of just 2 million. They are ranked 25th in the world.

It is quite clear from the outside looking in that all is not well in the England camp. The fans are having a go at the team, Rooney has had a go at the fans, David James is indirectly having a go at the manager, Capello is blaming everybody but himself, now John Terry is trying to get in on the act.

Tomorrow afternoon Capello has to get his team spot on for England to progress in the competition.

Joe Cole must come in on the left hand side, Gerrard central, and Rooney must start with a new partner.

Every Englishman should be grateful to France as they have stopped England being the laughing stock of the World Cup.

Three questions I would like to ask Capello are,

1. Why doesn’t he know his no 1 keeper after two and a half years in charge?

2. Why does he continue to play players out of position?

3. Why has England’s form slumped so dramatically after the qualifiers?

England entered the competition with all the usual hype, great team, great manager, one of the favourites to win.

Tomorrow it could all be over.

The only thing I can see the national team and the fans are good at is boasting.

The team I think Capello will play is;

James, Cole, Terry, Upson, Johnson, J Cole, Gerrard, Barry, Wright Phillips, Rooney and Crouch.

What do you think?

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  1. Al Glasgow says:

    I completely agree about dropping Lampard, but replacing Lennon with Wright Phillips does nothing for the team, it’s like replacing me with …er…. me. They are both the same player fast, but neither can beat their man, and neither can deliver a good final ball, that’s why Adam Johnson should be there, as he offers something diffrent

    Capello took the England job saying I won’t pick players on reputation and promptly dropped Michael Owen to prove it

    fit and in form was his moto..

    If that was the case Gerrard should not have been playing for England, the man has been a shadow of his former self last season (thank god he did though)

    If I was manager I would bring Dawson in for Carragher ( though we know he’s bringing in Upson whos played for a team that almost got relegated) I’d drop Rooney and Heskey for Crouch and Defoe, and I’d bring Joe Cole in on the left and move Gerrard bak in the middle and drop Lampard

    Though we know Capello doesn’t have the bottle to drop Rooney!! (so much for his I won’t pick players on reputation) his two performances make a mockery of him been the best player in the world, at present he couldn’t lace Messi or Ronaldo’s boots

    and I doubt he will drop Lampard the man he wheeled out to the media to back him up after John Terry said his piece

    so the only places really at risk are Heskey’s (tho Capello breaks All of his rules to keep him in the team) and I think Lennon’s with maybe Cole will come in with Gerrard moving to the right

    either way I will be rooting for the team, however if we lose, hopefully Capello will go….an English Manager for the England Team

    feel like I’ve waffled on for long enough now

  2. Al Glasgow says:

    3 questions I’d like to ask him are

    1: Why did he drop Owen?? England 4th all time top goal scorer, and top goal scorer in competitive games… and continued to change his reasons why he wouldn’t pick him (not playing for his club, not scoring goals at a high level, his club are struggling, he’s not fit ect) but then ignore ALL of this reasons for not picking someone with his team at the World Cup?? Carrick, Heskey and Wright Phillips couldn’t get in their club teams, Heskey has never scored a lot of goals EVER!, James was relegated and Green and Upson were almost relegated last season and he took an Unfit Barry and King and maybe an Unfit Rooney (seems the England hating manager at Old Trafford ran him into the ground towards the end of last season!!) WHY CAPELLO, WHY??

    2:Why are you treating Joe Cole only a tad better than you do Michael Owen??

    3: Why didn’t you take any naturally left sided midfielders??? Adam Johnson, Stuart Downing, Ashley Young

  3. Bandy says:

    It’s clear as day that Capello like workhorses, and players who are generally more disciplined and ones who can hold their shape. It’s an Italian trait. He thinks a team functions better if players back track and support one another and cover space. he has no room for flair or creativity or free spirits. I watched Argentina for the third time last night in this tournament and El Diego must have the easiest team talk imagineable……”stay strong at the back you two, and the rest of you just go out and play”

  4. bernieslaven says:

    Hi AL-
    I totally agree Capello should be quized as to why he didn’t take any natural left sided players, the 3 you have mentioned are the only 3 natural outside lefts in the country.
    Tonight he may even go 3 midfield Barry in front of the back 4 and do away with the wingers.

    Hi Bandy-

    If Capello likes his workhorses and players who are more disciplined, who can hold their shape, what has happened the last 2 games?
    You mention Diego Handball Maradona,he is everything Capello is not, charming, charasmatic, and has a great relationship with his players Argentinas team project his personality.
    England I am afraid project Capellos , dull, boring and hesitant.
    Lets hope that all changes today.
    I am predicting 2-0 to England.

  5. Al Glasgow says:

    “England I am afraid project Capellos , dull, boring and hesitant.”

    I really did LOL at that!!!

    I just backed 2-0 Bernie gets you 5-1 at Ladbrokes

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