Everyone at Boro is responsible.

Everyone at our football club is collectively responsible for our demise this season. From our recruitment team to the chairman.
Our negative brand of football, negative tactics, negative results, lack of goals, poor signings in January and promoting from within when AK left, has all been detrimental to our downfall.
We all knew it was going to be difficult. But no one told us it was going to be boring, tedious and at times embarrassing.
We have had 16 games since the turn of the year and no wins. We are the lowest scorers in all four divisions. This sums up our season perfectly and these are the most damning statistics of all. They are not opinion they are fact. For those blinkered, biased, voiceless backslappers out there who don’t like my negative comments, well I’m a realist, not a fantasist and I class myself as an adopted Teessider. I love the area and the people and I love the football club. The team that gave me my opportunity to fulfil my footballing dreams. But I can’t suffer in silence and watch my team surrender our premiership status without having a go and putting up a fight.
I have always regarded chairman Steve Gibson as The King of Teesside. His crown has recently slipped but I’m sure come August it will be firmly back in place.
He is the greatest chairman in the country. The envy of opposing supporters and we should be proud we have him. He has done wonders for the club but he is not infallible, no one is. I am sure he would openly admit, he doesn’t get everything right.
Everything has changed at Middlesbrough Football Club over the year, players, manager and coaches have all come and gone.
Only two things remain the loyal supporters and the loyal chairman. Without these two there would be no club.

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