Fiasco should never have happened.

So, AK has been persuaded to stay in the hot seat. I have personally found the whole fiasco astonishing.
Here we are 2nd in the Division, with the best players and the most expensive squad, we all know the pressure has been building recently due to poor performances and results, so what do we do? We create more pressure from within our club. This bust up, fall out, whatever you want to call it should never have happened or hit the public arena, whoever leaked it whether its player or staff should be driven out of the football club.
It’s evidently clear, from the outside looking in that AK’s dictatorship style of management is wearing thin on certain players. Discipline is essential in any business, but dictatorship is on a different level. I’m personally not a fan of it and would rebel in this environment. Certain fans cherry pick certain players to criticise without knowing the ins and outs.
The biggest problem now is AK getting the rebels back on board, of course, this is easier said than done.
No doubt we will see the response in the remaining 10 games one way or another.
It’s great news that AK stays in the hot seat and that we continue to have the best chairman around, but neither can gain us promotion, that’s down to the players.

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  1. teessidetone says:

    we dont have the best players, players make a squad, obviously our squad is at odds, and our players cant handle the pressure of these games like other teams, burnley, and hull, otherwise we would be top with points in hand

  2. denderwick says:

    spot on mate. no one in the public knows for sure what’s gone on. think it’s bang out of order that players are getting hounded. no one knows if karanka is such a dictator that the players haven’t just had enough and, rightly so, retaliated.

  3. BangkokBoro says:

    Totally agree Bernie. All this fiasco has done is given the other promotion contenders the impetus to push on knowing that a rival is in a right old mess. It always stuck me that there is no love lost between Sean Dyche and Karanka and I bet Dyche is loving this as will his players.

    Still, 10 games to go and lets see what this group of players are capable of doing starting this Friday against Hull. Unfortunately, after Sunday’s dismal display at the Valley I’m going to be on valium with whisky chasers when I watch the game in the early hours of Saturday. UTB

  4. Davee57 says:

    ‘Shooting ourselves in the foot’ is a phrase that springs to mind. Fans of Burnley, Brighton and Hull must’ve been rubbing their hands with glee as Boro rendered themselves in self destruct mode last week both on and off the pitch. I was at both the Rotherham and Charlton games last week and all I could think was, we, the fans deserve better. The chairman, Mr Gibson deserves better, the town and area deserves better given jobs are being lost. What we got was arrogant, petulant and spoilt behaviour from over privileged, over paid and thoughtless antics from both management and players.
    If any one of us behaved that way in our jobs, undermined our work instructions, walked out when on duty, derided our colleagues or directors we would at best be disciplined or worst dismissed. How dare they! Get your fingers out Boro, stop spitting out your dummies, get some backbone, self respect and start playing for and managing the club like you’re supposed to do. Remember, none of you are indispensable but lose the faith of these good fans and you’re finished. Now get on with what you’re paid handsomely to do, play the best football, entertain and win us promotion. Anything less is failure. The chair has invested heavily in you and so have the fans and we demand our return. Get on with it! UTB!

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