Great to see Adomah back

It was great to see Albert Adomah return to first team action against Brentford on Tuesday night after a spell in the wilderness. He showed coming off the bench what an important player he is, for me his introduction changed the course of the game, creating one and scoring one, he also proved that being isolated had not effected him.

Having verbal ding dongs with managers is something I have witnessed many times as a player and I have been involved in many myself. Of course all managers have different styles.

When playing under Bruce Rioch I recall at half time telling him that I was out of position, on the left wing, I had not had a kick and that I wasn’t going out for the second half. In fact I bawled you might as well get a dummy to play out there. On the back of this outburst he went for me and we had a set to. I did go out for the second half, I eventually got switched to up the middle and responded with a goal. As the ball hit the net I recall turning towards the bench and putting one arm under the other and shouting up yours. Straight after the game he came over and shook my hand and that was the end of it. I was selected for the following game.

There were many verbal bust ups with Bruce but I was never dropped because of my antics.

Lennie Lawrence was the total opposite, a spat with him and I would be banished to the reserves and made to train with them, totally isolated from the first team.

From the outside looking in it appears that Aitor Karanka has a philosophy of his way or the high way, an autocratic style that if you step out of line you are left out or shipped out. I personally think that this style of management is a dangerous one, when the results are going your way you can get away with it.

I am all for discipline there was no bigger disciplinarian than Bruce Rioch. If you were late for training you were fined, unshaven you were fined, if you weren’t smartly dressed you were fined. But he never held a grudge and would always select you on merit not on his personal feelings towards you.

Whatever has gone on between Karanka and Adomah it was put to bed when Adomah ran fifty yards to give his manager a cuddle.
I personally can’t recall cuddling any manager even when we gained promotion into the top flight, let alone cuddling a manager after a spat.
Good luck to Boro on Saturday against Nottingham Forest.

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