A Wembley victory would put us on the map for the right reasons.

For me Friday nights battle against Brentford was the biggest game played at The Riverside to date and what a fantastic game and spectacle it was.We totally dominated and dictated the pace of the game and we were driven on by a capacity crowd.
The atmosphere was electric and the Boro players from the off looked in a possessed state of mind. There was only going to be one winner and outcome. Scenes at the end were eye watering and the pitch invasion rightly or wrongly added to the occasion. If I could have ran onto the pitch myself without being recognised I would have joined the jubilant thousands.
We can now only hope and pray that we can finish the job off with a victory over Norwich City and a return to the premier league.
We as fans have certainly gone through the emotional wringer in recent weeks.But spare a thought for our loyal Chairman, owner and ardent Boro fan Steve Gibson. He is one game away from an estimated £100 million for the football club. How on earth does he sleep at night? It’s difficult enough for us fans without any responsibilities, if anyone deserves it he does.
To clinch promotion would also be fantastic for the area,it would put us on the map for the right reasons and boost the local economy.
We as a town over recent years have been exploited and ridiculed in the national newspapers and surveys as one of the worst places to live. Outsiders have constantly knocked the town, area and people.
Benefits street on national TV recently exposed the vulnerable and the poor and painted inaccurate pictures of our area. I have always believed that certain people out there regard us up here in the North East as the arsehole of Britain.
Well until they have lived here they will never be able to give a true assessment or judgement. I have been here a total of 30 years so I would like to think I’m in a position to judge. The countryside side is magnificent there are some lovely eateries, the people are warm friendly and passionate and those that are fortunate enough to have jobs are ‘working class heroes’ so to win promotion would not just be profitable for the football club but for the town, area and its down to earth people.

Apologies for very little activity on the site over the last few months. The reason for this is I have been writing my next book about my last 30 years on Teesside it’s a no nonsense hard hitting,warts and all autobiography due out September/ October.

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