Sarcastic applause uncalled for.

Saturdays home defeat against a poor Reading side was majorly disappointing to say the least.
On the day we created numerous chances and time after time we failed to convert.
Kike and Co could have played until next Saturday and not scored a goal, a mixture of poor finishing and wrong selection of pass were costly.
We now have a two week break to get our act together and get back on the rails.
I am delighted that Patrick Bamford has finally signed, disappointed that its only till January.
I don’t know much about winger Yanic Wildschut, but lets hope he is a hit.
Signing Ryan Fredericks is important for competition in the right back position, but the biggest scoop of all would be getting the signature of Jelle Vossen.
Going back to the game it wasn’t just the result that was disturbing, the sarcastic applause and the odd boo directed at our first team keeper Mejias every time he collected the ball, in my opinion was uncalled for. It’s quite evident that the Lynch Mob are out to get him after his clangers against Leeds and Sheffield and they won’t be happy until he is dropped.
It’s clear that the Spaniard is lacking in confidence and he looks jittery at every opposing attack. But having a go after 5 or 10 mins into a game is totally uncalled for. It’s either a lack of education or too much alcohol on the fans part.
I have been booed myself on occasions and my own personal mentality was, if you want to pay money to watch me and boo me when I’m having a bad time, carry on, it certainly won’t make me play better.
I don’t know the keepers mindset, but he doesn’t seam to be coping very well.
If I am being brutally honest I am surprised he is our first choice keeper and the longer his confidence drains the more it will filter through the team.In fact the uncertainty is evident now.
I have always believed that the fans pay their hard earned cash and are entitled to air their views whenever they feel like it. But no one has ever convinced me of the benefits of having a go at one of your own team after 5 or 10 minutes into a game.
Its interesting to see that Kei Kamara has had his contract terminated.
I was quoted months ago as saying if he put as much effort into his Middlesbrough career as he did on his twitter account, he would end up one hell of a player. Its quite clear he didn’t take note.

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