Time to get the shackles off.

Boro’s outside chance of reaching the playoffs evaporated against Watford on Saturday .
Looking at our team recently, I am not convinced that they could score in Amsterdam.
The system worked well initially,but since the turn of the year it has hit the buffers.
Two wins in nine including the Cup tie against Hull, six games without a goal, scored five and conceded seven. These stats don’t make good reading no matter how you try and camouflage them.
On the outside looking in it looks as if the opposing teams have cottoned on to our set in stone formation.
As it stands at this minute I’m sure the most ardent, blinkered Boro fans would have to admit, we are not going to make the playoffs.On the positive side we are not going down.
With this in mind I would like to ask what are the benefits of playing loan players? We will be lucky if we sign one of them.
Wouldn’t it be more beneficial to play our contracted players, put them in the shop window and have a possible chance of cashing in on them in the summer.
It’s the second time this month that the Spaniard has had a go at the squad, after Saturdays game he was quoted as saying that some of his players think they are better than they are.
I find it refreshing when managers have a go in public, my old boss Bruce Rioch did this on a regular basis, the only difference was that he named the players. Hopefully it might wake one or two of them up.
I have to be honest and say if I was in that dressing room, I would have taken on board his criticism, but I would have told him that he must take responsibility as well because of his negative approach.
We continue with eight defensive players out of the starting eleven. We have three Central Midfielders more content on shutting up shop, than to strive forward.
Danny Graham like previous loan Strikers has been isolated for long periods, in fact he should be getting lonely money.
It’s quite clear and evident that Karankas game plan is geared to defend but I’m afraid the Spaniard cannot defend the recent stats.Its now eight and three quarter hours of football without a goal.
I have always believed a negative approach usually brings a negative display and a negative result. Time to get the shackles off after all what have we to loose.
Lets hope we start on Saturday against Leeds in the Yorkshire Derby.

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