Back a local product, sponsor the Three Legends.

The Three Legends football phone in has been going for 14 years now, every week day between the hours of 6-8, broadcast via commercial radio,it all started at Century Radio followed by Real Radio, then Star.
As it stands at this minute, we are broadcasting via community radios CVFM 104.5 in middlesbrough and, with a host of other North East stations looking to join us.
Thankfully despite the disruption of moving Radio Stations and frequency, the majority of listeners and callers have followed us, thanks to modern day technology.

For those of you who are not aware of the three ex players that are involved, they are;
Malcolm Macdonald
Ex Newcastle United, who clocked up 258 games, scoring 138 goals. He is also the last England International to score 5 for his country in one game.
Bernie Slaven
Middlesbrough a 6th top all time goal scorer, scoring 147 goals and 381 games. He is also a Republic of Ireland International, included in the 1990 World Cup squad.
Dickie Ord
Sunderland defender, who made over 300 appearances for the Black Cats, double promotion winner, played in the 1992 FA Cup Final.

Regarding the radio situation we are solely in charge of bringing in sponsorship and keeping the show alive. Unfortunately we have no marketing team or experience in this field, we are looking for advice, guidance and sponsorship.

If any local business’s men are interested in investing and keeping the local product on air please get in touch via email to

As you no doubt are already aware the heart has been getting ripped out of local media content, with the majority now networked from London or Manchester. We are trying our damndest, to keep a local very successful product on air for the people of the North East.
We can only do this with some much needed support.

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