3000 shows

MYSELF and Malcolm Macdonald celebrated our 3,000th Three Legends show last week after 13 years of broadcasting.
We invited 12 of our regular callers into the studio to mark the occasion, had a buffet and brought them in live three at a time to get involved.

Everyone had a really good time and we got a special braille copy of our new book – entitled 794 after the shirt numbers from our playing careers – to Macca, who is a blind lad and massive Sunderland fan who has been calling us since day one.

Now we’ve got Micky Horswill on board of course, but when we first started the Three Legends with Eric Gates, I remember Gatesy questioning whether it would work doing two hours every night.

That proved to be a million miles away and we are still going strong now.

We might get things wrong at times. Well, Malcolm does mostly and he still thinks he is infallible!

We might fall out with each other – there’s even been physical ding dongs on and off air.

But we are honest and forthright, which can be a rare commodity with all of the stage managing which goes on these days.

We have a balance of personalities and we don’t vet our callers.

There’s been some classic moments when I look back, like when Malcolm said the Mexican striker who Sunderland were after
a couple of years ago had
passed away after being shot in the head.

He had to apologise the next day live on air to say he was still alive and wish him a speedy recovery!

Micky asked a Sunderland caller with a high pitched voice if he was 10 because he sounded like a young boy.

It turned out he was 45.

And when we were signing books in the Metro Centre last year, a woman came up to us, pointed at me and Micky and said: “I don’t know you and I don’t know you.”

Then she pointed at Malcolm and said: “But I know you, you’re Trevor MacDonald!”

Clearly we might not have made a lasting impression on some North-east folk, but we will keep on providing a service for football fans in the region and long may it continue.

You can phone the Three Legends on Star Radio on 0845 013220.


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