Poor crowds, poor results, poor outcome.

After Saturdays terrific result at Derby County and young Curtis Mains stunning strike, it set us up lovely for the home game against Doncaster Rovers. Billed as another must win game against a side who were relegated on Saturday and who have the worst defensive record in the league, on paper it looked a fairly straight forward task, but as Boro fans we should know better. Our abysmal home form continued, 0-0 it ended in another Riverside “frustrating” experience. Our home stats highlight how bad we have been on our own turf, out of 22 games played we have won 7, had 10 draws and 5 defeats, the goals scored is a poultry 20. On the subject of stats only 14,000 fans bothered to turn up and back the team in such an important game.

So with 2 games left and the season over, unless you believe in miracles, where do we go from here?

I genuinely feel sorry for my old team mate Tony Mowbray.With what he has had at his disposal he has worked absolute wonders, if only the chairman could have backed him the way he did with previous managers like Bryan Robson,Steve McLaren, Gareth Southgate and Gordon Strachan. There is no doubting that the financial restraints would have been highlighted when he took over the reigns at Boro, but I cant help thinking that his heart would have ruled his head when he returned, it has always been a job he wanted to do, but for me he got it at the worst possible time, he should have been offered it ages ago. I don’t believe that any other experienced manager would have touched it with a barge pole, especially as you had no money and were forced to sell your young star players. Mogga may have reduced the wage bill by £10 million, buts its the results that will keep him in the job. Without the money next season, he will be forced to sell more players and his job will become even more difficult, if the team don’t perform and results don’t go our way there is only one head that will roll.If I was Mogga I would be sitting down with the chairman and chief executive and thrashing out what the future plans are for next season, what money will be available, if any and if I wasn’t satisfied and content with whats on offer im afraid I would walk away .You may as well make the decision while you can because eventually they will make it for you.

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  1. David Mellor says:

    Come on Wolfman – don’t be so negative, like you say Mogga has worked wonders. I think we’ll see the fruits of his organisation and labours in the years to come. I wouldn’t fancy this side’s chances in the prem anyway TBH. Better home performances & more goals at the riverside will bring the crowds back to see what the away fans have been treated to this year.

  2. PeterSwallow says:

    Zemamma – flop
    Hass – flop
    Davies – flop
    Smith – success
    Haroun – undecided
    Martin – flop
    Ikeme – middling
    Ogbeche – flop
    Nimely – flop
    Jutkiewicz – flop
    Hammill flop

    Why give Mowbray what little money we have when he wastes it.

  3. Lee Wharfe says:

    time for a change of ownership ..gibsons not bothered as much as he used to be… FACT !

  4. wastes it? Whats the net total of all them players? Hed have to get them times 10 to even match the fee we paid for alves. Dont talk soft.

  5. exfurtog says:

    Come on Bernie a bit of context please. The Boro are still suffering the hangover of the Southgate & Strachan regimes. We have never really recovered from watching Boro relegated 3 years ago without putting up a fight and the signings / tactics that Strachan implemented would have killed off lesser clubs. We are still in a far better position than the likes of Leeds, Forest, Sheff Wed, Coventry etc. who were all once established top flight sides and who have never recovered from high wage structures and poor signings.

    Look at Pompeii, FA cup winners less than 4 years ago and now destined for league 1. Even West Ham fans are apoplectic at the current situation and you wouldn’t bet against them being a championship side again next term.

    Overall the only major disappointment this season has been the home form, both from the players and the fans who don’t turn up. And the only people who can do anything about the latter are – the fans who don’t turn up. The future stability of the club rests purely in the hands of Teesside locals.

    Let’s look forward and wake the sleeping giant that is Middlesbrough FC once more.

    Lee Wharfe – out of curiosity what was the total amount spent on the aforementioned players and who would you have recruited for the same amount of money (including wages). I’m not necessarily disagreeing with your assessments just curious to see who Mowbray should have signed instead, given the money he had available.

  6. exfurtog says:

    Sorry Lee Wharfe – that last question was for PeterSwallow.

  7. Gibsons as bothered but hes not as rich or stupid now! And who would buy Boro? The owner of Boro Taxis? The guy who owns TS One and Dickens Inn? Who in Boro is rich enough, and who abroad cares enough? We are Middlesbrough, and have been spoiled in the last decade and a half! This is where we are. Enjoy the highs.

  8. PeterSwallow says:

    Bernie I would like to add I was really dissapointed with your article in the gazette this week.

    After the article about asking Gibson 10 questions I expected an article about getting the management of the club out in the open to answer questions the fans have or at least explain themselves. Instead of being hid in a bunker, scared shitless.

    Mowbray, Bauser and Gibson should all be involved in a Q&A somewhere, even if it is their vetted puppet mouthpiece radio station, I would put up with that over the silence.

    I will be very disappointed if there is no one from MFC on your show from the Riverside next thursday and I wouldnt be criticizing real radio, you should make it clear throughout the show that Boro were too scared to send a rep

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