‘Our Hero.’

The banner displayed down at Vicarage Road with the words “Our Hero” showed that the Boro fans have certainly appreciated the heroics of manager Tony Mowbray, as far as im concerned he rightly deserves the plaudits. Now Mogga has the unenviable task of building for next season. Of course every manager expects to wheel and deal in the summer and have several departures, but we have 8 players out of contract in Robson, Bates, Macmahon, Martins, Coyne, Obeche, Hamill and Franks and no doubt Mogga will be under orders to try and off load the high earners, Macdonald, Thompson and McManus. There is no doubt that envious eyes will be watching the development of Steele, Williams, Bennet and Emnes and if offers come in for any of these 4, I don’t think we will be in a position to turn them down, and like with previous managers Mogga wont have a say. The way its looking Mogga could be left with about 12 players, with very little money.

For several years now we have been trawling the bottom of the Tees and certainly not catching any salmon, I don’t see that changing in the near future.For us to move forward next season we need a solid foundation to build on, we need an injection of pace, we need width and quality and hopefully several of the younger players progress into the team. Of course finding those qualities is easier said than done, especially with no money.

Let me finish off by saying, well done Mogga and the team for dragging it out until the last championship game of the campaign and good luck to all those players who will depart in the summer months. A massive well done to all you Boro fans who continue to back the team especially the away supporters. Have a good summer.

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