Alive and kicking.

I am going to be brutally honest, going into the game against Southampton at the Riverside, I had written us off. With 1 win in 10, our home form abysmal and against opposition of genuine quality, I feared the worst. But I should have known better, as an ex boro player and fan, I have lived on Teesside for 25 years and whenever we are written off, we usually produce a positive result, Saturday was no exception. After conceding a poor goal after a poultry 46 seconds, I tweeted “Joke”, I was livid , furious and incandescent with rage, surely that was our final nail in the  coffin. But once again I was wrong, the team rolled their sleeves up, battled, scrapped for everything and scored 2 excellent goals. Of course the victory has given us a chance of making the playoffs.

We travel to Watford on Saturday, knowing we need to win and Cardiff have to lose at Crystal Palace, if the Welsh outfit draw, we need to score an outrageous amount of goals, as their goal difference is far greater. If  Tony Mowbray and his team make the playoffs, it will be a greater achievement than Mancini winning the premiership with Man City.

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