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After 36 years stirling service helping the unemployed in the North East and supporting disabled people in the Teesside area, local lad John Brooke’s has been sacked by his new employers Triage Central Limited, for a crime of highlighting in the press, the reduction in services in Stockton and Redcar and for speaking out about redundancies on a contract which is meant to cut employment.
I myself have lost jobs in the past because of my opinions and for highlighting deficiencies. Why shouldn’t you be allowed to air your views and opinions, after all this is England not Russia. A man who has worked for 36 years at the same company cannot become a villain overnight. In the workplace these big company’s are nothing more than schoolyard bullies. They frighten, intimidate and harass their employers, money gives them power, or so they think, for me they should be exploited. I nearly fell off my chair when I read the chief executive Mrs Carnegie was earning £135,000 a year for providing services to the unemployed and this very woman is sacking workers on Teeside , I was livid . Don’t forget her job is one of many funded by you, the taxpayer.
I have met John on several occasions over the years and found him a very warm,caring, bright, enthusiastic, family man, who incidentally supports Middlesbrough Football Club.
I would just like to give John Brooke’s my full backing and hope all you people in the North East do the same.

Look at the website below and help support him.

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