Boro goal in sight!

What a great result on Tuesday night against Barnsley, 2-0 thanks to goals from Seb Hines and Ogbeche. The victory now puts Boro on 59 points, after playing 34 games and only 5 points off automatic promotion places. Once again people are pointing out that we are not playing attractive, free flowing football and that we are not as fluent as we have been. At this stage of the season its not about glamour or scintillating football, its about results, achieving maximum points by hook or by crook and grinding them out. Look at Man Utd on Sunday against Spurs, they were given a footballing lesson, but when the final whistle went United won 3-1, that’s why they are champions, more often than not. Its an attitude and art to beat your opponents, when your not functioning properly.

Next up are Leeds United in the Yorkshire derby.As  I have no radio commitments on Sunday I’m going to go along to the Riverside and hopefully enjoy the spectacle. Of course Leeds have no household names like they have had in the past, no Bremner, Lorimer, Giles or Clarkes but they do have a household name in manager Neil Warnock. For me he is one of the most enthusiastic, loudest and opinionated managers around. On the subject of Warnock, did you see the documentary about Queens Park Rangers his former club, titled the 4 year plan? What the programme exposed and highlighted to me, is that owners are nothing more than schoolyard bullies, this confirmed what  I have always known.Flavio and Briatore and his F1 cronies, also former Middlesbrough striker Fabrizio Ravanellis ex agent Giovanni Palladini were selling players behind the managers back and gagging them from talking about it. There is no doubt a lot of clubs and probably  Middlesbrough, Sunderland and Newcastle owners do things in a similar fashion. I have experienced it first hand. We had a autocratic partnership in Gibson and Lamb, its their way or the highway. Abrovamich at Chelsea is like a spoilt kid , whenever its not going well he gets the gun out and fires it in the managers direction. Every manager he has sacked is an indication that he has got it wrong again.Obviously he cant be held accountable or sacked as he owns the club.

Back to the Leeds game.Lets hope we can take all 3 points and edge a step closer to our premiership dream.

I would also like to wish a speedy recovery to my ex Republic Of Ireland manager and ex Leeds centre half Jack Charlton.

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