Political correctness my arse!

As far as I am concerned its the scourge or our times. The politically correct extremists, along with the council bureaucrats are getting away with murder and no one seems to be challenging them. I nearly wet my underpants laughing when I heard that Queens Park Rangers manager Neil Warnock was accused of mocking gay men, after saying his players defended like a team of fairies on the BBC. By all accounts there were loads of complaints. I would urge those people to go and get a life, I can only assume they have nothing better to do with their time, go and get a personality bypass. Recently a junior football club has stopped publishing the results of its matches, in case scores embarrass the young players,  and now records scores as either 1-0 win or 1-1 draw. So what does that mean? We are teaching our children to lie. Isn’t tasting defeat part of the learning curve which creates your character further down the line. Surely its about sampling winning and loosing, a boy who bangs in a hat-trick, surely deserves the plaudits and the recognition. If its trying to disguise the embarrassment, why display the league table surely thats embarrassing if your sitting bottom, where do you stop?

Dame Kelly Homes the double olympic champion, got it right when she said, it risked spanning a generation of bad losers and blamed a culture of political correctness for making competitiveness a dirty word. I agree.

Look at some of the PC bullshit around, school kids can’t sing Ba Ba black sheep for fear of offending, it is now Ba Ba rainbow sheep.These days biscuits can’t even escape the politically correct brigade, council bureaucrats stripped ginger bread men of their gender and have renamed them ginger bread persons, ridiculous. One of the funniest is the traditional spotted dick has been renamed spotted Richard, i’ve got a mate called Richard who suffers acne and I can assure you he is not pleased.

It won’t be long until we all have chips inserted into our heads, so that political correct extremists can discover what our brain is thinking and punish us for it.

Arsenal manager Arsen Wvenger recently said, theres a real debate to how much credit you can give to something that is said on the pitch in a passionate situation, it doesn’t mean you can say anything, but you are not always politically correct on the football pitch.

Lets hope we don’t let it pollute the game we love.

Political correctness remains just what it was intended to be. A sophisticated and dangerous form of censorship and oppression, imposed upon the citizenry, with the ultimate goal of manipulating, brain washing and destroying our society. I am totally against racism, bigotry and homophobia, but I am equally against the political correct extremists and bureaucrats.

Since the infamous Andy Gary and Richard Keys comments, everyone has had to tone down, everyone is petrified, on edge and frightened of giving an opinion in fear of offending anyone. Keys was quoted as saying, when he heard there was a female official on the line, that someone had better get down there and explain the offside rule to her, Gray in return said, woman didn’t know the offside rule. Well when I was a professional footballer the people who watched me would no doubt tell you, I didn’t know the offside rule and they would be right. Even today as a football pundit I still don’t know the rule. So if after 500 professional games, I don’t know the offside rule what makes you think a woman should know it.

In the last few days, our own BBC, British Broadcasting Company have admitted that presenters on its international news channel BBC World, are not allowed to wear remembrance poppies. Another insane example of political correctness, will the BBC Billionaires Boys Club apologize?

Now FIFA rules have stopped England footballers wearing poppies on the shirts against Spain.

As Billy Connelly once said political correctness is the language of cowardliness.

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