Are boo boys right?

Many Middlesbrough players over the years, have fallen foul of the boro boo boys. In my day Alan Kernighan and Gary Gill were on the recieving end regularly, these were guys that wore the shirt with pride, gave one hundred and ten percent effort in every game and played in arguably the most difficult period in the clubs history. Sure they were limited, what did the fans expect back then? Bryan Robson and Peter Reid. I myself came in for stick now and again, for getting caught off side, I was always getting accused of begin lazy. The only difference between myself and the players behind me was that I could relieve the stick by putting the ball in the back of the opponents net, the jeers would then turn to cheers. I remember playing in the top flight, against Ipswich town at ayresome park, I took a penalty in the last minute, with the result at 2-2. My left foot effort sailed right into the holgate end, 30 seconds later the referee blew the whistle. The holgate end who had idolised me over the years turned, you Scottish w****r , rubbish Slaven , go back to Scotland. I got verbally abuse from pillar to post. Those guys that were calling for my head were showing their passion, frustration and their annoyance, at me for failing to win them 3 points. Recently Tony Mowbray came out and defended Justin Hoyte who has come in for a bit of stick and has been quoted as saying he doesn’t understand it. What Mogga is forgetting is Hoyte signed in 2008/9 for 3 million, his performances have been average to say the least. I understand Mogga defending his player who he rightly says is part of the team that has kept 5 clean sheets. But if I am begin honest I have watched him since his arrival and he has never quite set the heather alight.One of my abiding memories was of his performance against West Ham back in 2009, the day we were relegated, he along with a host of other players were shocking. I still don’t think for a minute that modern day players get verbal stick from the stand the way we did over the years. Past players were toughened to it, accepted it and got on with it, of course we didn’t enjoy it, nobody likes it. I find modern day players find it difficult to accept criticism and because of their vast amount of wages they think they are bullet proof. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying go out and give Hoyte or any player stick, personally I don’t see any value or benefit giving one player stick, but I’m afraid it’s part and parcel of the game. The man that works 40-50 hour week, to enable him to buy a season ticket is entitled to give his opinion or voice it. In a nutshell I personally think some of the modern day players are mollycoddled .As it stands today with the team having the best start to the season in 101 years, sitting pretty second top of the championship, the timing of the criticism is awful and not merited. Those who are criticising at the minute should give their head a shake, wind their neck in and applaud the job that Tony Mowbray and the team are doing .

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