1 year since Gordan Strachans departure.

Gordon Strachan resigned as Middlesbrough manager 1 year today, how time flys!
Was it the right decision? Of course it was, we were languishing 20th in the championship table, the crowds had fallen, the football on display was poor and his antics in front of the media was embarrassing. Out of 46 games in charge Strachan only won 13. The outcome was inevitable, I will be honest, I was absolutely delighted when he arrived on Teesside. He had qualities we needed, experience,success,a disciplinarian and he wouldn’t be bullied and dominated by the hierarchy like previous managers had. Strachan stamped his authority instantly on the team by signing half of Scotland. By all accounts,no one recommended them, he didn’t ask for advice from his scouting network. It was purely his instincts and belief. I found that refreshing, he was going to live and die by his own decisions .
A year on and for me only one of his Scottish signings has flourished south of the border and that is Barry Robson. Boyd failed miserably , McMannus is hit and miss, Macdonald has not showed his full potential as yet, Thompson has been littered with injuries, Killen, Miller and Flood are all average players.
One of the strangest things about Strachans departure was that he offered his resignation, walked away and tore up his contract. Do I believe that? Of course I don’t . I have never heard of anyone in football, irrespective of how big a failure they have been, or their financial status, walk away empty handed without some kind of pay off or compensation. Of course I believe there was a settlement to save face on both their parts. If our chairman who was in financial difficulty, was seen to be paying Gordon Strachan, a failure a couple of million pay off, that would have caused a riot with the Teesside public, as we had no money to sign players, don’t forget at the time the team were rank poor. The five million plus spent on players was wasted and squandered and there was a possibility of relegation. Never the less, whether my theory is right or wrong, the dirty deed had to be done. My faith, trust and belief in Gordon Strachan had evaporated in one horrendous season. Not only were the performances embarrassing on the park, off it Strachan came across as rude,arrogant and obnoxious. Remember when asked about how he was dealing with the pressure he was under, he replied, I take drugs, drink and smoke, then there was the time he was getting interviewed after Leeds Utd defeat live on TV, while getting interviewed he started chewing on what looked like a energy bar, surely Gordon was taught as a kid, don’t talk with your mouth full.
While in Scotland as manager with Celtic, he won three premiership titles on the bounce, along with several trophies.A section of the supporters still didn’t take to him at the time, I couldn’t quite understand why, I know now.Considering his obvious dislike of the media, I find it hypocritical he is now earning money working alongside them on TV.

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  1. Bernie, I totally agree with you. I saw Strachan as the best possible manager choice but I proved to be so wrong. I felt exactly like you but couldn’t be happier now when Mogga is here. Let’s join #mogganaut.
    Up the Boro!

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