Middlesbrough 1, Coventry 1.

When I read ahead of the Coventry game, that they had lost all three away games this season, only scored one goal and never won a game at the Riverside, I knew it would turn out to be a difficult afternoon.

Great to see Emnes chip in with his seventh goal of the season via an excellent strike from the edge of the box, which nestled into the bottom right hand corner.

The game itself was far from a classic,In fact Coventry are the poorest side we have met this season, unfortunately we could still only take a point, as we ran out of ideas and steam.

Never the less the unbeaten run still stands, but yesterdays result is a warning not to take things for granted or get carried away, irrespective of the opposition. Even I predicted 3 -1 to the boro and I really should know better. Its paramount that manager Tony Mowbray brings in a striker, sooner rather than later, with Miller out on loan and Macdonald injured we cannot solely rely on Emnes, if he was to get injured who would we turn to?

But so far so good we just have to remember to keep our feet firmly on the ground.

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  1. Paul McLaine says:

    Agreed Bernie, it’s been a cracking start to the season and if we are 4th at the end of the season I would be more than happy . The Players looked tired and with limited options upfront, it was no surprise when Coventry scored. If Hoyte had scored his chance the game would have been over.
    We need a striker possibly 2 if at all possible, Shame Kink didnt get a chance off the bench . He might have been able to do something .

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